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West Salem Do Your Job Canvass!

We will meet at 11am, Saturday, Feb. 29th have some snacks, a quick training then head out on the doors to talk to working Oregonians!

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No Winners With A Walkout

By Melissa Fey , Marion County Democrat Central Committee
All of Oregon was given a bad deal this week, thanks to the actions of our Republican Legislators. While I personally am represented by both a Republican Senator and Representative, I am not alone in getting the short end of the stick due to the walk out. When our elected representatives are derelict in their duties, we all suffer. And those who are currently suffering such as our houseless, our ill, and our foster children will suffer the most. We can sit back and say “oh well”, and accept it as “politics as usual”. Or, we can rise up and say “No More”. Read more...

It's easy to track bills being introduced and heard in the legislator. Visit Oregon's Legislative Information System ( OLIS). You can also learn what's happening by tracking the legislative calendar.
House Democrats will use subpoenas to require absent Republicans’ attendance in the Capitol, four days into a political standoff that has shuttered the Legislature.

In a meeting of the House Rules Committee, collected Democrats voted 4-0 to authorize the committee’s chair, Rep. Paul Holvey, D-Eugene, to subpoena the 21 Republicans lawmakers who have been absent since Tuesday.

The subpoenas theoretically require the lawmakers to appear before the committee on March 5, and to be “prepared to testify about your unexcused absences during the 2020 regular session of the Legislative Assembly.” Read the full article here.

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Monday, February 3rd: Oregon's Short Legislative Session Begins

Tuesday, February 25th: Salem Progressive Film Series; 7:00pm, Priced Out (gentrification & housing discrimination)

Saturday, February 29th: West Salem Do Your Job Canvass; 11:000am

Sunday, March 8th: Women's March; 11:00am - 3:00pm. We will need a few people to help set up and tear down our booth, a few people on select street corners during the march, and a few people near the stage. Volunteers contact Melissa Fey at

Sunday, March 8th: Constitutional Sine Die (end of session)

Saturday, March 14th: PCP Training; 10:00am-1:00pm; POSTPONED

Thursday, March 19th: Salem Progressive Film Festival

Tuesday, May 19th: Oregon Primary Election

Saturday, May 30th : Monroe Sweetland Dinner and Auction

Tuesday, November 3rd: U.S. General Election

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