The Case for a Mask – It’s not about you! Those who refuse to wear a mask may not be concerned if they catch COVID-19. But are they concerned if a loved one gets sick, perhaps a higher risk family member? If you transmit COVID-19 because you’re not wearing a mask, unknowingly perhaps because you’re asymptomatic, to someone else not wearing a mask, and on an on throughout our social system, your refusal could mean someone's loved one becomes infected, seriously sick, or worse, dies. So remember, it’s not about you. It’s about your loved ones. And we’re in a system all together trying to beat COVID-19. Together we are #PacificaStrong and #SMCStrong. Please do your part.


City Manager
Click the image for complete details on face coverings, including all requirements and exceptions to these rules.
District Based City Council Elections
On December 17, 2018, the City of Pacifica adopted  Ordinance No. 839-C.S.  approving the transition from at-large to by-district elections for the election of Pacifica City Councilmembers beginning with the general municipal election in November 2020 and thereafter. With district-based elections, each of five councilmembers will be elected by voter's within that candidate's district. This November, District 1 and District 4 will hold elections for City Council seats.

What Does This Mean?
This means that you may not have a Councilmember to vote for in November. It depends on where you live.
In Which District Do I Reside?
The link below provides an interactive map on which you can enter your address to determine the district in which you reside. This interactive map is best viewed using Google maps. Click the link below to open in your browser or in the Google Maps app.

Disaster Preparation in Pacifica
Earthquake Preparedness EQP-21
Pacifica Police are offering a 75-minute class, which will outline the steps to prepare for potential disasters in Pacifica, including earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamis. We will discuss what supplies should be on hand and how they should be stored. The need for cash and important documents will be explained, as will special needs for children and the elderly. Participants in this class will come away with a good understanding of what is needed to deal with any disaster in Pacifica.

Free to join! Class given virtually!
Wed, July 1 at 7pm. Meeting details will be sent upon registration. Register here .
On June 5, 2020, the City of Pacifica Director of Emergency Services issued an Emergency Order (Order No. 2020-02) allowing businesses within the City to conduct outdoor commercial activity for a temporary period during the Local Emergency due to COVID-19. This order is aligned with the modified San Mateo County Health Order (Order No. c19-5f) issued on June 4, 2020 which has allowed for outdoor dining operations only at this time.

Does this apply to your business?
See the program requirements on the City's Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Activities Program webpage .

How to apply for the program?
  1. Review City's Emergency Order
  2. Apply
  3. Submit application and attachments by email to Joshua Montemayor, Management Analyst, at
  4. A temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Activities and Encroachment Agreement is required. Once your application is deemed approved, the City will issue you an agreement that must be signed by the Permittee.

Need more information?
Summer Adventure Camp registration begins
Monday 6/15 at 8:30 am.
Claim your spot before they're gone!
Sanchez Art Center
Fog Fest Invitational Photography Exhibition
"Dream Golf," by Matt Nash
The Pacific Coast Fog Fest has been an annual tradition in Pacifica for 34 years. A “must see” stop long Palmetto Avenue is the Art Corner hosted by Sanchez Art Center. Displayed are the 75-100 framed images by local Pacifica and SF Bay Area photographers who have entered the yearly Photography Contest. Photographers can submit a total of two photographs that fit one of the four themes determined by the contest judges and SAC staff.

Submitted photographs are given thought review by award winning Pacifican photographers. In 2019, judges Alan Grinberg and Edwin Hacking, gave fifteen awards to 12 photographers: Janet Arline Barker, Vadim Dymshyts, Kathy Holmes, Julie Lancelle, Stephanie Meyer, Matt Nash, Brad Rangell, and Dave Rauenbuehler, all from Pacifica; Marshall Dinowitz, Belmont; Electra Field, El Granada; Mary Louise Froese, South San Francisco; and Patrick Troubetzkov, San Francisco. The photographers who were given awards are invited to participate in a group show at Sanchez Art Center the following year. Though there will be no Fog Fest this year, you can enjoy the work of the photographers in the virtual gallery.

Click HERE to enter the Fog Fest Invitational Photography Exhibit Gallery.
Pacific Beach Coalition
The Pacific Beach Coalition invites you to join the Street to Beach Cleanup movement.

To Participate:
  1. Sign the waiver found on their website.
  2. Grab supplies: bucket, gloves, pick up sticks, phone.
  3. Clean up trash in your neighborhood.
  4. Then, download the Clean Swell App to track what you pick up!

Go to the Pacific Beach Coalition website for all the details.
HIP Housing – Making a Difference in our Community
HIP Housing is nonprofit agency specializing in creative affordable housing solutions throughout San Mateo County. Their mission is to invest in human potential by improving the housing and lives of people in our community. Through their Home Sharing Program, HIP Housing enables people with special needs, either from income or circumstance, to live independent, self-sufficient lives in decent, safe, low-cost homes.

Through their Self-Sufficiency program, HIP also offers a scholarship that provides housing assistance and support services to motivated, low-income parents and/or transitional age foster youth.  Learn more here.
Pursuant to Updated Shelter in Place Order, the City of Pacifica closed a number of public spaces.
For the most up-to-date COVID-19 resource guide for San Mateo County residents, see .

Additionally, the County updates their COVID-19 Data Dashboard daily. Click below for the latest data.
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7/3City Offices CLOSED for the 4th of July holiday.

City Council & Planning Commission
  • Meetings are scheduled for essential business items only. Further updates will be provided.

Other Committees & Commissions
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