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Shawnee, Oklahoma USA is OPEN!
Sept 16, 2020
Unusual Partners in a Time of Coopetition
Hosted by: Visit Shawnee/City of Shawnee and the Citizen Potawatomi Nation

To paraphrase, "COVID times make strange bedfellows." While in years past, you may have looked across your county line, community, street or parking lot and saw competitors, today's savvy business owner, tourism director or community official needs to put those rivalries aside for the greater good. Renowned tourism and development consultant, Berkeley Young will lead us on an exploration of forming unusual partnerships in these unusual times. How can you better utilize your limited adverting dollars for maximum impact by working together? How can you keep visitors engaged while in your community and expand the time and dollars spent at each establishment? Mr. Young will discuss the spirit of "coopetition." Sometimes our greatest ally in recruiting new business is that same entity we have competed with for years. Join us for this fun and energizing "straight talk" session about successfully implementing partnerships in this new era.

Speakers: Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell & Berkeley W. Young, President, Young Strategies, Inc.
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Be who you want to be, in Shawnee!
The Hornbeck opened in 1947. This giant theater was split into two in the 1970's. It currently operates as one of the "grand ol' ladies" of downtown Shawnee and Oklahoma.

Jones and AMC entertain us at Movies 6 and Cinema 8.
Shawnee's Jones Family Theater Legacy Continues into 106th Year with Reopening

The Jones Family has seen a lot in the last 106 years of operating theaters in the Shawnee, OK area. Now, that includes a global pandemic shutdown and reopening.

Jake Jones immigrated to America from Lebanon in 1888. He made his way to Shawnee and opened the Cozy Theater on Main Street in 1914. He expanded his empire to include the Savoy/State and the Odeon/Jake theaters. The Cozy became the still existing live entertainment theater, The Ritz.

When he died in 1947, his son Johnny Jones, Sr purchased two theaters in Stillwater, the Hornbeck of downtown Shawnee, and the drive-in theaters in Shawnee and Tecumseh, the next community south.

In 1972, the current owner, Ronny Jones took over management. One of his first tasks was to split the enormous Hornbeck Theater into the art-deco Hornbeck/Penthouse Twin that we see today. Ronny Jones saw the transition from the drive-in Starlight to the current Cinema 8 and eventually took over the mall's Movies 6, too. He oversaw upgrades to stadium seating and the latest sound and screen advances.

Jones Theaters have reopened with enhanced cleaning and mask requirement. Concessions are also available for take-out. Who's missed that movie theater popcorn? Me!!

While visiting Shawnee, visit one of the one of Shawnee's state-of-the-art theaters or our architectural classic, Twin.
Cinema Centre 8 ~ Movies Six ~ Hornbeck & Penthouse
From July 27 - September 30, the City of Shawnee has implemented a mask ordinance. Masks are required when one is indoors in a public location. This would include concerts and stores. Masks are not required while you are eating - they are required while you wait. Masks are not required for outdoor activities like the Splash Park. Spectators at an indoor sporting event would require a mask, participants are not required to mask. The outdoor flea markets would be exempt from masks, unless required by the organizers. Masks are not required for people that are medically unable to wear masks or children under age 11. Many properties, such as tribal casinos or those outside of the City limits, previously implemented mask requirements. Click HERE for full text.

  • Pack your mask. Keep a mask handy in your purse or back-pocket.
  • When in doubt, wear your mask.
  • Keep an eye out for signage with further instructions.
  • You may experience modified hours of operation or reservations required.
  • If you have specific questions or concerns, contact the entity you are visiting directly by clicking the link to their website and contact information.