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Marion County Democrats Offer Ballot Drop-off Assistance Program
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Marion County Democratic Central Committee is committed to ensuring every eligible voter can cast their ballot in the upcoming United States General Election to be held on November 3, 2020.

According to Oregon Revised Statutes §260.695, §254.470 “a person may return a ballot on behalf of another voter.” Thanks to this statute, we can help you ensure your ballot is counted!

If you have one or more of the following barriers to returning your ballot, MCDCC volunteers can help ensure your ballot is delivered to the Marion County Clerk’s office in time to be counted in the November 3, 2020 election.

1.      I have limited mobility and am unable to drop my ballot at a United States Postal Service (USPS) location or official Oregon ballot dropbox.
2.      I have an illness that prevents me from dropping my ballot at a USPS location or official Oregon ballot dropbox.
3.      I do not have transportation that would enable me to drop my ballot at a USPS location or official Oregon ballot dropbox.
4.      I am concerned for my safety and do not feel comfortable dropping my ballot at a USPS location or official Oregon ballot dropbox.
5.      I received my ballot too late to use a USPS location. (Do NOT use USPS locations after October 27th.)

How does MCDCC’s Ballot Drop-off Assitance program work?
You have two options with our Ballot Drop-off Assistance to ensure your ballot reaches the Marion County Clerk’s office in time to be counted in the November 3rd General Election.
1.      You can go online to our website and complete the Ballot Drop-off Assistance Request form.
2.      You can call our office at (503) 363-8392 to schedule a ballot pick-up. A volunteer will enter your information into our Ballot Drop-off Assistance Request form for processing.
NOTE: Only voters located in Marion County Oregon are eligible for our Ballot Drop-off Assistance program.
What is MCDCC’s process to ensure my sealed ballot reaches the Marion County Clerk’s office?
1.      When we pick-up your ballot you will be required to sign a waiver authorizing a MCDCC volunteer to take possession of your ballot and deliver it the same day to the Marion County Clerk’s office or an official ballot drop box. If more than one ballot is picked-up at the same time, EACH VOTER will be required to sign our authorization form.

2.      Our MCDCC volunteer will identify themselves by giving you their name, MCDCC contact information, verifying date and time of pick-up and giving you instructions of how you can track the status of your ballot.

3.      We STRONGLY encourage voters using our Ballot Drop-off Assistance or returning your ballot on your own to sign-up for Marion County Clerk’s TRACK MY BALLOT service.

4.      We will take steps to ensure minimal contact in this process including, but not limited to, requiring our volunteers and voters participating in our Ballot Drop-off Assistance to wear a mask; maintain safe distancing; volunteers will be required to wear rubber gloves and use sanitizing liquid between contacts.

5.      Your ballot must be sealed with the appropriate voter’s signature on the outside envelope BEFORE being transferred to our volunteer for delivery. Volunteers cannot accept an unsigned ballot.
TRACK MY BALLOT: The Marion County Clerk is offering a pilot program to voters in Marion County that allows them to track the status of their ballot through automated notifications.
Participating voters will receive alerts at several points on their ballot’s journey. Text, email or voice alerts will tell voters when the County Clerk has mailed ballots and when a completed ballot has been received back. Alerts will say whether the ballot has been accepted or whether it is under review due to no signature, a non-matching signature or another defect that requires further action by the voter, such as an undeliverable ballot. Voters will have the option of receiving text, email or voice alerts. Sign up today to begin receiving messages.
The Marion County Clerk's ballot tracking pilot program is in partnership with i3ballot. If you have any questions about this service, please call the Marion County Clerk at 503-588-5041.

If you believe our Ballot Drop-off assistance helps your vote be counted, then please follow the procedures outlined above to participate.
Ballots will only be collected between the hours of 10:00am – 3:00pm, Monday-Friday so they may be delivered the same day.

Questions about this program: Please send email to or call the office at 503-363-8392.

Questions about voting in Marion County Oregon: Please contact the Marion County Clerk's office at 503-588-5041.
The 2020 Election has begun in Oregon!

Voters across Oregon are now getting their ballots and are starting to fill them out.

That means right now is the perfect time to check out our Democratic Party of Oregon 2020 Voter Guide at!

To use our 2020 Voter Guide, all you need to do is go to and enter your voting address.

You'll get a list of every Oregon candidate on your ballot who is a registered Democrat, including those who are running in non-partisan races.
You can also read our ballot measure endorsements, find an official ballot dropbox near you, learn about our Election Protection Hotline, and more — all at

We want to give you all the tools you need to complete and return your ballot as soon as possible. Because when you vote early, you make our GOTV operation run better and more efficiently by helping us reach more Oregon Democrats who haven't voted yet.

Voter Protection Hotline Offered Through Democratic Party of Oregon

This is the most important election of our lifetimes, and every single vote matters.

That's why we have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are ready to help you with questions you have about your ballot.

If you are concerned about your ability to cast your vote, you can contact our Election Protection Hotline at:
Or call toll-free at 877-239-8683
You can also send our Hotline an email at

Our Election Protection team is standing by to help answer your questions about your ballot and make sure your vote gets counted.

And in an election where we're expecting to see record turnout — even taking into account Oregon's history of high voter participation — we're relying on supporters like you to make sure we can handle the growing volume of calls and questions as we get closer to Election Day.
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