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December 2022

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The Holiday Season is upon us once again. This past year seemed to fly by. In 2022 we saw our community open; we were able to hold in-person events and meet people in the community again. Over the last year, there was excitement in seeing people in person and reconnecting after a long isolation. 


As we moved into 2022, ABLE2 made plans to reshape the workplace; staff can now work from home, the office, or a combination of both. This new way of working has allowed ABLE2 to provide an environment focused on the health and well-being of our staff and enhance the quality of the services offered to the community. 


ABLE2 has also enhanced the access and flexibility of its services by offering hybrid options for many of our support groups and client meetings, allowing us to reach more individuals with disabilities and their families.  


As we come to the end of the year, we often look back and evaluate what has been done; then, we look forward to planning everything we want to get done over the next year. We have some great plans for the next year, and I can’t wait to share them with you as we roll them out.


Before the year ends, ABLE2 would like to thank all our donors, Allies, staff, and Board of Directors for their support and commitment to the organization. With their help, ABLE2 continues to progress toward realizing our vision of an inclusive community where all people are seen as able, important, and valued.


On behalf of the staff and board of ABLE2, we wish all of you a happy and healthy Holiday season filled with love, meaning and joy!

Heather Lacey

Executive Director 

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Your gift helps build lives of meaning and joy

Your gift will help ABLE2 build lives of meaning and joy

As you finish your preparations for the holiday season with your loved ones, we encourage you to remember some of our most vulnerable community members, those with disabilities who are often lonely and isolated.

ABLE2 works throughout the year to create an inclusive community, including lifelong friendships.

We invite you to help create a few more.

Every match we make needs time and money to ensure the best fit.

Ryan and David were matched in 2018, and in the past four years, their friendship has grown to include their families and friends.

Ryan had volunteered at other organizations, but it was in group settings. “ABLE2 was the first place where I was matched one-on-one. The impact is profound. You get to focus all your time on one person.”


“David and I have grown so close,” says Ryan. “He will be part of my life forever.”

You can see Ryan and David in this short video.


Donate to help ABLE2 empower people with disabilties build lives of meaning and joy

That is why, on behalf of Ryan, David, and the future matches ABLE2 will create, we are inviting you to consider a holiday gift of $50, $75 or $100. Or any amount that feels right to you.

Click here to donate today.

It is people like you who make these lifelong relationships possible. Our dedicated and professional team invests hours ensuring every match is started right and built to last for years.

This is where your support comes in. You help us make those vital connections. You are the very first step in creating a bond between two strangers. You are a matchmaker!

“Everybody deserves a friend,” says Ryan. “Everybody deserves people in their life who care about them.”

Will you help us create even more?

Donate Today

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Only those registered for our 2023 FASD Symposium: It is Time to Change can view the keynote presentations and the other great content.

Although the event launches on January 24, 2023, those registered have access 24/7 until 8:00 pm EST on February 2, 2023.

Don't miss your chance to register to see inspiring speakers and to hear excellent content.

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Faces of ABLE2

David Cork is a longtime supporter of ABLE2 and a volunteer Ally.


This fall, David was nominated by his work team at Scotia Wealth Management for a ScotiaMcLeod Charitable Foundation Share the Wealth Award. These awards recognize the community engagement of ScotiaMcLeod employees. The awards are given to the charities supported by their nominees. "... we're working to create sustainable ways to grow the program to support the charities that our teams are most passionate about, and most intimately involved in." Rob Gray, Foundation Board Chair.


David's nomination talked about his involvement in the life of his Friend, Ian. The nomination included the quote "I have personally never met someone so dedicated to a cause before ... what started as a 'matching program' has resulted in a lifelong friendship between Dave and Ian."

David Cork
Ways to Donate

ABLE2 in the Community

Community Involvement

Our staff are part of many groups in Ottawa. We work together to create the best lives for those with disabilities and their families.

  • City Studio Ottawa - a formal partnership between grassroots organizations of the community, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and the City of Ottawa on projects to improve health and well-being in our region.
  • Research Project - Jennifer Bruce, a doctoral candidate from Saint-Paul University, will be conducting a research project between January to June 2023, exploring what it means to mobilize a disability justice framework within an organization’s processes, practices, and policies. Jennifer will look at our procedures, processes, and structures. She will conduct interviews, focus groups and workshops with the ABLE2 board and staff to develop an action plan for ABLE2 that will assist us with implementing a disability justice framework and, ideally, deepen our work's impact.
  • Queen's University Ph.D. Community Initiative - this group will study the social isolation of seniors with disabilities in the community and the impacts of ABLE2's seniors' programming.
  • Ottawa Disability Coalition and the Regroupement des Partenaires francophones - we are very involved with the work of this group, including chairing their quarterly meetings when needed.

Evening in the Maritimes - May 11, 2023

Evening in the Maritimes

Tickets go on sale on January 25, 2023.

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Disability & Dignity

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