Volume 57, Issue 11 | June 1, 2019
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This Is Us
In late April, one of our inspiring strategic planners from Calgary, the Rev. Don McLeod, led a workshop for our congregation to help us discern our core values. I’m so glad many of you were able to attend this session. 

Determining and naming our core values is one of the most important things we can do when planning our future. They drive the choices we make and, hence, serve as the compass for our journey onward. They also herald to others who we are. 

If, for example, in our personal life, we embrace the core value of being well- read, we’ll make sure to include in our daily schedule time with our books. And, chances are, others will be able to tell this is one of our core values as we share interesting, thoughtful ideas from our reading in conversation. We may even be able to encourage others to read more, too!

On Saturday, April 27th and on Sunday, April 28th we were invited to select from several nominated possibilities the core values of UMCPS. We were invited to consider who we truly are today, who we deeply want to be, and who we sense God has called us to be as a community of faith as we journey onward. 

These core value possibilities were the top five vote-getters: 

  1. Inclusive/Welcoming/Accepting
  2. Service/Outreach to the Greater Community
  3. Spiritual Nurturing/Grounding (supporting a personal connection with God)
  4. Fellowship/A deeper experience of community (laugh and cry together)
  5. Progressive/Open-Minded 

Do they sound right to you? Do they reflect what UMCPS most deeply embraces, believes, and hopes for itself and for others? 

We need to shorten our list to 3, maybe 4. We can probably consolidate a couple, tighten our language, and sharpen our focus so we can look at our list and say, “ Aha! Yes, this is us! This is who we want to be! Whatever we choose to do and develop will reflect these values and we can’t wait! Because these values are so important to us! This is how we so want others to know us! And know themselves! This is the corporate life we want to invite others into! And through this corporate life find God !” 

This is exciting work, and I look forward to continuing to pursue it, and with Don’s continued help, with you!

Pastor Jane
Backpacks for Learning- A New Opportunity This Summer
The poverty rate of students in the Coachella Valley is astronomical! For example, Cabot Yerxa Elementary School in Desert Hot Springs has a poverty rate above 90%. This makes buying school supplies for families extremely difficult. It also means there is a need that the church can fulfill.

This summer the church will be collecting money and supplies to help students start the school year on the right foot. For just $10, you will be able to provide a student with a brand new backpack filled with school supplies.

More information will be available in the June 15th newsletter. Questions? Contact Raelene Bloom .
Parents' Night Out- Saturday, June 8th, 5 to 8 pm
Attention all parents or grandparents who would like a Saturday evening off! This wonderful ministry of the church is a drop-off style child care at church led by Amy Bahnson. The kids will play games, watch movies, go to the playground for GaGa ball (a favorite of kids at the church!), and eat together!

All children are welcome, but if you have a child under 2 years of age please RSVP to jeremy@umcps.org or call the office at 760.327.5931 so we can plan accordingly to meet your childcare needs. There is a $5 suggested donation.
All-Church Camp: Postponed Until Fall
Thank you to everyone who took part in the one-question email survey regarding all-church camp. We had a terrific response and the results were clear- we have a large group that would love to attend in the Fall! Stay tuned in the coming newsletters for finalized dates, costs, descriptions of the campgrounds, and learn about the spiritual practices that we will be taking part in. This is one great way to experience community on a deeper level. Consider joining in the Fall!
Do More Than 'Just Get By' This Summer...THRIVE!
Each Sunday morning in worship during announcements we share a statement along the lines of, “WE BELIEVE CHURCH IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST OUR TIME TOGETHER ON SUNDAY MORNINGS.” This line may be missed by some, but this week I encountered a story of someone who exemplified what this truly means to me and why it’s important for us to state this belief early and often.  

This person shared with me that they are tired of 'just getting by.' I felt this person’s honest emotions pouring through, she was tired of the superficial and yearning to “truly THRIVE!” I personally believe strongly in the mission of UMCPS, but more importantly I believe in the people of UMCPS. I believe that this community is in a position right now to help people live a life of more depth and connections; to invite people into a community that is journeying together. Church is not a destination at which you show up together, Church is the journey of life and faith together in authentic community.

Throughout the week I continued to ponder this idea of what it means to thrive, and I encourage you to try and answer this question for yourself: “WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU TO LIVE A LIFE THAT IS THRIVING TODAY?” The Church exists in order to build connections: to help people connect and experience an authentically caring community, to help people connect with God and experience grace, and to help people connect this ancient faith tradition to a modern world and experience what it means to truly THRIVE.

This summer I hope you will consider participating in at least one of the many ways available to experience Church outside of Sunday morning, to expand how you 'do church' and commit to a deeper sense of community… this summer the church wants to help you thrive.

Jeremy Wells, Director of Christian Education
Happier Hour- New Life Group Begins July 11 6:30 – 7:30 pm
How many times a week are you asked, “How are you doing?” How often do you take the time to tell the truth? Happier Hour Life Group is a weekly drop-in style ministry that will focus on what are known as the 'Weslyan Questions.' We will gather in order to check-in with one another and ask, “How is your Soul?” “Where have you seen God at work this week?” and “What areas are you struggling with in your life?”

We believe that Church is more than Sunday morning, and we believe that to be Christian means we are to care for and care about our fellow brothers and sisters. You are invited to join this weekly Happier Hour Life Group that will gather for an actual happy hour each week at a restaurant or pub in Palm Springs. Stay tuned for exact locations as the date gets closer.
Vacation Bible School for Kids, Youth, and Adults! 
While the kids learn about how “Life is Wild, but God is Good” through the Exodus story, the adults will experience their own small group study during the evening as well. Cost is $20 to register for the week.

Register now to allow your heart to Roar! this summer at VBS. 
Messy Church Pool Party- Friday, June 28th
Pastor Jane has graciously invited all families to a pool party on June 28th! More details to come, but save the date for this great opportunity to build community, have fun, and invite your friends!
Summer Book Study Starting in July
Does God still speak today? Would we know how to hear God if God did speak? Consider joining this 8-week summer small group led by Sarah Clapp as we read the book “Whisper – How to Hear the Voice of God” by Mark Batterson and ponder what it means to actually hear God today. This book study will begin the first week of July and continue through the end of the August. Registration will open Sunday June 9th. 
Bishop Hagiya's Call to Prayer and Confession
On Tuesday, May 28th, Bishop Grant Hagiya shared a message with the California Pacific Conference in preparation for the upcoming conference later this month:

" Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

In preparation for “I See A New Church,” our 35th Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference, I am calling all of our clergy and laity into a season of focused prayer and confession as one body in Christ in the lead up to our gathering in Redlands, CA.

I believe that God is leading us through a wilderness as it is articulated in our theme scripture of Isaiah 43:15-21. And, in my prayers, I have come to the conviction that God’s leadership of us as a Conference will not depend on legislative strategy or political agenda, but on our surrender to God as disciples of Jesus Christ. I ask you to join me in daily prayer for our entire California-Pacific Conference.

In trying to share how I have come to this moment, I think that it is important to review some key events that have transpired since the Special Called Session of General Conference 2019 in St. Louis, MO... (click here to read the full message)
Men's Clothing Needed
The feeding programs are in great need for men's shorts and t-shirts for guests. Can you look through your closets and bring in items that are no longer needed? We average 40 to 50 guests per meal, most of who are men. Clean clothes make a big difference to the guests and they are so appreciative!

Clothes can be brought to the church office Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm, and to the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings before and after worship.
Calling All Theater Enthusiasts!
Our own beloved Jim Bullock is performing in summer theater at Tuachan Amphitheater located in Ivins, Utah (near St. George). We thought it would be fun to go together and see Jim perform in “The Little Mermaid”, Disney’s “When you Wish”, and “Sound of Music” from August 5th to August 7 (performances each evening in that order). Anyone interested in one, two, or all three performances is welcome to experience this rousing event. We also plan to have a nature gathering and Jim will join us for lunch!

Here are links to various places of interest:
  • Tuachan Amphitheater: www.tuachan.org
  • Hotels/Resorts: www.hotels.com (or your favorite site- Ivins, UT has lovely places, St. George has some lovely lower priced options)
  • Snow Canyon Campground: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/snow-canyon/ (other lodging is certainly available) 

Contact Amy Bahnson at (760) 408-2453 or Pastor Jane (pastorjane@umcps.org) for more information and to order tickets.

You can also see Jim J. Bullock on Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition season 16 this Sunday on the Food Network (also available on demand).
Yarn Needed!
Did you know that there are a handful of folks who knit and crochet beautiful prayer shawls? Well they are in need of yarn to make more shawls! Would you consider donating some yarn?

The prayer shawls require a specific kind of yarn. The brand name is LION, the make is HOMESPUN, and is available at Michael's, Jo-Ann, and (some) Walmart stores. Shawls require 4 skeins of yarn if crocheted, and 3 skeins of yarn if knitted.

Donations can be brought to the office Sunday through Thursday.

There are also prayer shawls available to be given out to those in need of prayer and comfort.
June 1- Perry Matthews
June 5- Timothy Griffin
June 5- James Bayle 
June 6- George Cobel 
June 6 - Wayne Hinton 
June 7- Doris Jane Prior 
June 10- Terry Coan 
June 10 - Duane Stafford
June 11- Annette Funk 
June 12- Harold Breidenbaugh 
June 12- Sarah Clapp 
June 12- Lois Giannopulos 
June 13- Marjorie Tallman 
June 20- Oliver & Alexander Tallman 
June 20- Bonnie Ewing 
June 21- Barbara Boettcher 
June 23- Lori Stefanishion 
June 24- Patti Kruger
June 26- Ken Crouser
June 29- Lonnie Lynch
June 1- Caroline & Charlene Ryan Moore
June 9 - Lena & Perry Matthews 
June 12- Cindy & Doug Weinberg
June 19- Martha & Rev. Bill Battiest 
June 22- Betty & George Cobel 
June 29- Poul & Amy Bahnson 
June 29 - Charles & Janette Stebbins 

Sunday Attendance and Coffee Hour
Attendance for the last two weeks of worship:

  • May 19- 112
  • May 26- 113
Coffee Hour Responsibilities for June:

  • June 2: Care Team
  • June 9: Mission Team
  • June 16: Worship Team
  • June 23: Christian Education
  • June 30: Trustees