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2020 is showing us what gets to be different in our lives! Whatever wasn't working for us as a collective AND on a personal level is all shifting. It can feel scary because it's change we didn't ask for and it's all unknown.

If you've followed the past week or so on social media, I've shed some light on the stories or narratives from society we've taken on as our own and based our lives on. Everything from politics, religion, media, marketing telling us who to vote for, how to believe, what to wear/listen to and the list goes on. It's kept us focused in this 3rd dimensional "reality" or perspective of this is right and this is wrong. This is good and this is bad. And it's very ego based which is why people on social media these days are very bold in what they say in the comment section. Not to mention social media is like a 'mask' as we hide behind a keyboard and feel like we can say whatever we want. This egoic power is why we're experiencing the current political unrest. AND we can do something about it! And guess what...it starts with Y O U.

When you get connected with yourself and with the Divine to understand who you are and want YOU want, you can create the life you want!

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Private Angel Card readings and private coaching sessions are available. Check the website for details. Stay tuned for new offerings this fall to help you along your journey!

You are so Loved and have the power to create a life you Love! Empower yourself today.

Sending you Much Love! (and HUGS)
Karmen 💜
Feel A L I V E!
If you missed joining the Live On Purpose virtual group course and would like to experience freedom, clarity, Joy and learn how to communicate with your Angels or Spirit Guides, you have 2 options!

The first option is private sessions are available and include 12 private sessions (instead of the 8 sessions in the group session) receiving coaching as you deep dive along your journey.

BONUSES include!
  • 'Co-Create Your Abundant, Passionate Purposeful Life' Daily Journal
  • Joyful Essential Oil Mist
  • 2 Energy Stones
  • 8 Audio Meditations

The second option is to take the online course without coaching. Click on the button below for details and get started to live on purpose today!
Create Your 2021 Vision Workshops
This Fall!
Create Your 2021 Vision Workshops will start in November 2020. You'll have two options: join the workshop virtually OR gather 4-6 of your friends and we'll gather in your home.

Save the dates:
November 14, 2020
December 12, 2020
January 9, 2021
January 16, 2021

Stay tuned for details! Each workshop has limited availability.

If you'd like to be notified FIRST when these launch, click below and add "Vision Workshop" in the subject line.
Ask the Resource Queen
Holistic Nutritionist and Radio Host, Alix Litwack brings her knowledge and humor to a wide range of healthy topics.

Listen as Alix and Karmen discuss Spirituality and Angels!
Weekly Discussions

Learn about retrogrades, current energies, what are the 3rd and 5th dimensional energies and how to work with them. Stay tuned for a different topic each week!

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Magical Merchandise
  • Crystal Chakra Kit, you choose 7 energy stones that correlate with each chakra and receive a selenite charger to charge or cleanse your stones.

  • Daily Journal, gets you focused on taking daily action towards on one goal. It also includes a weekly Angel Card reading video as you co-create a life you Love!

  • Joyful Essential Oil Mist, uplifts your Spirit! This is our signature scent spreading Joy wherever we go.

  • Smudging/Cleansing Kits, includes white sage; charcoal, frankincense and myrrh.
Create Your Own Chakra Crystal Kit
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