Marion County Democratic
Central Committee
A Message from Chair, Evan Sorce

As we head into 2020, it is important that we look at what we have accomplished. Since July, when we moved into our new location at 245 High Street NE in Salem, we have been a hub of activity. We have hosted countless workshops, candidate support meetings, lobby days, organizational meetings, and even an Oregon State House Democratic Caucus meeting. We have also spent the year adding capacity to get ready for the 2020 election.
I know this phrase is overused, but the 2020 election will be by far the most crucial in our lifetime. This election will determine if the United States returns to the global stage and leads the fight to solve to world's most pressing problems, or if we will continue to isolate and maintain a status quo that does not work for the vast majority of Americans.
Here locally, this election will decide if the Legislature will continue to fight to better the lives of working Oregonians or will we go the path of Washington and spiral into division and inaction. Furthermore, this election will determine the direction of the Marion County Commission, and if we can finally get a progressive voice that will speak up for science, the environment, and working people. We are up to the challenge, but we need your help. 
We hope you will pledge your time, talent, and treasure to support and advance the work of the Democratic Party of Marion County. We invite you to become a Precinct Committee Person, sign up as a Neighborhood Leader, volunteer, join a committee, and/or donate today.
Proposed Bylaw Changes, Submitted by Rules Committee Chair, Keri Capen

Attached is the full, extended version of the Bylaws. Please read the attached memo describing the process and Notice of SPECIAL MEETINGS dates and times for this process. The meeting dates are also posted on our calendar and Facebook page.
The MCDCC Legislative Committee will host a ‘How to Lobby’ and OLIS training on January 9th at 6:30pm at the MCD office. Come learn how to best communicate with your elected officials and track legislation during the session. This will prepare members for our Legislative Lobby Day on February 5th, and make you a better political communicator year round! Contact with questions.
Members all have three fundamental rights in an organized society. They have the right to make motions, to speak in debate and to vote. But there is a proper way to make and process motions.
The MCDCC Membership Committee is proud to announce the first PCP & Member Training of 2020! 

The class will be held on Saturday, January 11th from 10am - 1pm at the new Marion County Democrat's Member Hall, 245 High Street NE, Salem. If you are a current PCP or considering becoming a PCP, this class is for you. Click here for details.

Thursday, January 2nd: Rules Committee, 7:00pm

Thursday, January 9th: OLIS & Lobbying Skills Training, 6:30pm

Saturday, January 11th: Precinct Committee Person Training, 10:00am-1:00pm

Monday, January 13th: Fundraising Committee, 6:30pm

Saturday, January 25th : **Special General Membership Meeting**: Bylaw Review & Revisions only; 2:00pm-5:00pm

Monday, January 27th: DemoForum - Legislative Preview 2020; 12:00pm

Monday, February 3rd: Oregon's Short Legislative Session Begins

Saturday, February: President's Day Brunch

Tuesday, May 19th: Oregon Primary Election

Saturday, May 23rd : Monroe Sweetland Dinner and Auction SAVE THE DATE

Tuesday, November 3rd: U.S. General Election
Please take a few minutes and provide your feedback on strategy and issues for Marion County Democrats in 2020. Please share this link with your democratic family, friends, neighbors and co-workers! Thank you!
Office Location: 245 High Street NE, Salem, OR 97301
503-363-8392 |
Mailing Address: MCDCC, PO Box 13835, Salem, OR 97309