We are delighted to present to you our 2022 college graduates—300+ alumni (our biggest graduating class ever!) who are all ONE DEGREE of change. They did it!

The full list of our graduates is below. We are so incredibly proud of all they've accomplished. We know that they will go on to do great things for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

It was a joyful experience for us to be back on campus at most of our partner schools and to witness the return of on-campus graduations as well. Closing out the year with these in-person celebrations provides a much-needed sense of normalcy for our graduates, who have persevered despite the highly unusual circumstances of our time.

Why Your Support Mattered—Especially This Year 

The pandemic has multiplied the obstacles and uncertainty our students face. The opportunity gap has not narrowed but grown. Yet despite all the challenges they've undoubtedly faced throughout their education, our students are beating the odds to earn their college degrees.

Because of YOU, we were able to provide our students with the critical support they needed to get to and through college. Your financial support, volunteer hours, and unwavering belief in the potential of all of our students had a profound and tangible impact:

"Long-distance education and COVID-19 have impaired my academic journey but through 10,000 Degrees I was able to get consultation and able to persist knowing I have people to talk to and relate to ... I would not have the courage to do such programs like NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars unless I had the emotional support from 10,000 Degrees."
-Arvin Carter

Your support directly helps to lift up the next generation of leaders who are actively creating a more just and equitable world.

How We Keep Our Graduates Connected to 10,000 Degrees 

As our college graduates begin this new exciting chapter in their lives, we welcome them to the 10,000 Degrees Alumni Family, and engage them in our Career Success program to network, access career and graduate school advice, and discover job and internship opportunities. We also invite them to be a part of our growing Young Professionals Council, where they can connect with other professionals like themselves, host and participate in alumni programming, and in turn, pay it forward by supporting and promoting 10,000 Degrees.

Please check out The Power of One, which brings to life the stories of our alumni and Fellows, whose lives have been transformed by overcoming countless obstacles to earn their college degree.
"Imagine not having a limit to what you want to do. You're helping the next educator, the next professor, the next nonprofit. There are so many possibilities." -Cinthya Cisneros

This is the power of ONE DEGREE. Having persevered, these alumni and Fellows are using their education to help other 10,000 Degrees students find their own path to and through college. They are the changemakers who embody 10,000 Degrees' bold vision of a world where educational equity is the norm, and where all students can realize their full potential and graduate from college.

All of us at 10,000 Degrees—and our 2022 college graduates—thank you for being ONE DEGREE of change!

Congratulations, College Class of 2022!
Pamela A., University of California-San Diego
Lizbeth A., Stanford University
Ashley A., California State University-Stanislaus
Danny A., Sonoma State University
Michelle A., University of California-Davis
Ameera A., San Francisco State University
Patricia A., University of California-San Diego
Isabella A., San Francisco State University
Sarah A., San Francisco State University
Zachary A., Berkeley School of Law
Jenifer A., University of California-Merced
Wilner A., Emory University
Mayra A., Sonoma State University
Gisselle A., University of California-Berkeley
Nancy A., University of California-Davis
Dalya A., San Jose State University
Berenice A., University of California-Merced
Esmeralda A., Sonoma State University
Citlalli A., San Jose State University
Alexis A., Sonoma State University
Bertha A., University of California-Berkeley
Yusuf A., University of California-Davis
Nellely A., Sonoma State University
Karla A., California State University-Chico
Isabella B., University of California-Santa Barbara
Aislinn B., Sonoma State University
Nasima B., San Francisco State University
Monserrath B., University of California-Merced
Paula B., California State University-Monterey Bay
Allison B., Mount Holyoke College
Rebecca B., University of San Francisco
Aranza B., San Francisco State University
Cristian B., California State University-Sacramento
Carolyn B., California State University-Sacramento
Naomi B., Portland State University
Denia B., Howard University
Destiny B., Tuskegee University
Fernanda B., Sonoma State University
Silvia C., Dominican University of California
Marcos C., California State University-Chico
Nicole C., California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
Jason C., University of Southern California
Jocelyn C., Dominican University of California
Cayri C., San Francisco State University
Alejandra C., Seattle University
Melissa C., University of Redlands
Jonathan C., Sonoma State University
Karina C., California State University-Monterey Bay
Fei C., San Francisco State University
Noelle C., California State University-Long Beach
Gene C., San Francisco State University
Sharon C., University of California-Santa Cruz
Odalis C., University of California-Berkeley
Rocsana C., University of California-Merced
Luz C., University of California-Berkeley
Brenda C., Lewis & Clark College
Carlos C., California State University-Los Angeles
Marisol C., University of California-Santa Cruz
Anna C., California State University-Stanislaus
Karina C., University of California-Berkeley
Kyle C., San Jose State University
Thao D., San Jose State University
Jasmin D., University of California-Santa Barbara
Erick D., Sonoma State University
Carmen D., Sonoma State University
Bruno D., California State University-Channel Islands
Christian D., University of California-Merced
John D., Sonoma State University
Fernando D., Lawrence University
Brittany D., Sonoma State University
Simran D., University of California-Davis
Diana D., University of California-Merced
Dalia D., University of California-Los Angeles
Amy D., University of California-Berkeley
Jennifer D., California State University-East Bay
Tenzin D., University of California-Los Angeles
Jason D., University of California-Santa Barbara
Kimberley E., California State University-Monterey Bay
Maria E., Humboldt State University
Cecilia E., Saint Mary's College of California
Aidan E., California State University-Sacramento
Alejandra F., San Francisco State University
Yanley F., California State University-Stanislaus
Nicole F., Sonoma State University
Ashley F., Brandman University
Fernando F., Dominican University of California
Vilma F., University of California-Riverside
Alexis F., University of California-Santa Barbara
Carlos G., California State University-Long Beach
Cristal G., University of California-Davis
America G., California State University-East Bay
Carlos G., Sonoma State University
Miranda G., California State University-Sacramento
Jalen G., Dean College
Addis G., University of California-Santa Barbara
Skyler G., University of California-Santa Barbara
Emma G., University of California-Santa Barbara
Kolby G., Sonoma State University
Natali G., California State University-Sacramento
Carlos G., San Francisco State University
Juliet G., Gettysburg College
Angeles G., California State University-Sacramento
Carolina G., California State University-East Bay
Fatima G., University of California-Merced
Ayannah G., Howard University
Alexandra G., Sonoma State University
Albert G., San Francisco State University
Miguel G., California State University-Northridge
Jazmin G., Sonoma State University
Jasmine G., California State University-Sacramento
Rubia G., Sonoma State University
Patricia G., Sonoma State University
Sumayia H., University of California-Berkeley
Leilani H., University of Nevada-Reno
Noah H., University of California-Davis
Yessenia H., University of California-Berkeley
Eslly H., San Francisco State University
Melanie H., University of California-San Diego
Isela H., San Francisco State University
Jennifer H., Sonoma State University
Kristin H., San Jose State University
Gabrielle H., Cornell University
Khari H., California State University-Sacramento
Zoey H., University of California-Davis
Yingru H., Bentley University
Wantong H., University of California-Davis
Joe H., San Diego State University
Christy H., University of California-Santa Barbara
Veronica I., Sonoma State University
Aaqib I., University of Southern California
Walter J., California State University-East Bay
Yanny J., University of California-San Diego
Jaqueline J., San Francisco State University
Veronica J., University of California-Davis
Marcos J., University of California-Davis
Brajae J., Harding University
MohammedNoman K., San Francisco State University
Jesse K., University of California-Santa Cruz
Sara K., University of California-Irvine
Yeyoung K., California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Vicky K., University of California-Los Angeles
Tai L., Sonoma State University
Destine L., California State University-East Bay
Lizeth L., University of California-Davis
Giselle L., University of California-Davis
Valerie L., University of California-San Diego
Yi L., University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Synclaire L., Saint Mary's College of California
Josephine L., San Jose State University
Vanessa L., San Jose State University
Amy L., University of California-Davis
Xiaowen L., California State University-Long Beach
Merlyn L., Gettysburg College
Nancy L., California State University-Monterey Bay
Isabel L., Sonoma State University
Elvin L., Saint Mary's College of California
Vanessa L., San Francisco State University
Jonathan L., San Francisco State University
Luisa L., California State University-San Bernardino
Bryan L., Sonoma State University
Luz L., University of California-Davis
Kristie L., Sonoma State University
Miguel L., University of California-Santa Barbara
Fatima L., Sonoma State University
Isabel L., University of California-Berkeley
Kristopher M., University of California-Riverside
Areli M., San Jose State University
Daysee M., Sonoma State University
Jerry M., San Francisco State University
Misbah M., California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Dalila M., California State University-Sacramento
Jennifer M., University of California-Santa Barbara
Noemi M., University of California-Berkeley
Carla M., University of California-Davis
Hanelye M., San Francisco State University
Ashlee M., Sonoma State University
Edvin M., Sonoma State University
Brianna M., San Francisco State University
Rocio M., Whittier College
Wanda M., University of California-Berkeley
Karla M., University of California-Santa Barbara
Mercy M., California State University-East Bay
Emily M., University of California-Berkeley
Tatiana M., San Francisco State University
Brenda M., San Francisco State University
Valeria M., Saint Mary's College of California
Nadia M., Sonoma State University
Mahmoud M., University of California-Berkeley
Diana M., University of California-Berkeley
Lubna M., Dominican University of California
Bryan M., California State University Maritime Academy
May M., Pacific University
Marco M., California State University-Chico
lucy m., San Francisco State University
Manal N., San Francisco State University
Nathalie N., University of San Diego
Jean N., Sonoma State University
Leslie O., Loyola Marymount University
Jose O., Sonoma State University
Brenda O., graduate school, undecided
Edith O., Dominican University of California
Diana O., Sonoma State University
Guadalupe O., Sonoma State University
Riley P., University of California-Berkeley
Lizzeth P., San Francisco State University
Alison P., California State University-East Bay
Simone P., Arizona State University
Esri P., California State University-Sacramento
Lucy P., University of Pennsylvania
Carlos P., Dominican University of California
Jesus P., San Francisco State University
Maria P., Sonoma State University
Ronald P., Northeastern State University
Madison P., Chaminade University of Honolulu
Magali P., University of California-Riverside
Julio R., California State University-Northridge
Julio R., University of California-Berkeley
Lizbeth R., Loyola Marymount University
Alondra R., University of California-Davis
Jessica R., San Francisco State University
Luis R., Sonoma State University
Senon R., California State University-Sacramento
Heaven R., California State University-Los Angeles
Bibi R., University of San Francisco
Monica R., University of California-Irvine
Vivian R., University of California-Davis
Rey R., San Jose State University
Jesica R., University of California-Berkeley
Xanat R., University of California-Santa Cruz
Miguel R., University of Southern California
Gaby R., San Jose State University
Ivonni R., San Francisco State University
Mailyn R., University of California-Davis
Fernanda R., University of California-Riverside
Marcos R., University of California-Los Angeles
Brianna S., Hawaii Pacific University
Abbigayle S., Sonoma State University
Norma S., Sonoma State University
Hector S., University of California-Merced
Alejandra S., University of California-Merced
Andy S., San Jose State University
Elvia S., University of California-Davis
Brittany S., Dominican University of California
Marilyn S., California State University-Fresno
Jacquelyn S., University of California-Merced
Martina S., University of California-Berkeley
Tiago S., University of California-Santa Barbara
Ines S., University of California-Santa Barbara
Aria S., University of California-Berkeley
Paul S., Humboldt State University
Digna S., Sonoma State University
Rhina S., University of California-Berkeley
Nima S., University of California-Davis
Halli S., Humboldt State University
Henry S., Humboldt State University
Melisa S., Sonoma State University
Meheak S., Dominican University of California
Malaika S., University of California-Davis
Jasmine S., University of California-Merced
Shannon S., University of California-Santa Cruz
Joseph S., Pitzer College
Sarah S., Fort Hays State University
Lindsey T., University of California-Santa Barbara
Karmen T., graduate school, undecided
Emily T., Graduate School
Sherry T., University of San Diego
Jessica T., California State University-East Bay
Yareli T., University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Courtney T., University of Nevada-Reno
Angel T., University of California-Merced
Vivian T., University of California-Los Angeles
Erick T., University of California-Davis
Lizbeth T., University of California-Davis
Silvia T., California State University-Long Beach
Amisa T., California State University-Sacramento
Adeleine T., University College Dublin
Alya T., University of San Diego
Sebastian V., Hawaii Pacific University
Alexis V., California State University-Sacramento
Julia V., university of salamanca
Ana V., San Francisco State University
Bianca V., Menlo College
Brenda V., San Jose State University
Gladys V., San Jose State University
Angela V., Sonoma State University
Jonathan V., San Francisco State University
Oscar V., University of California-Riverside
Jasmine V., California State University-Stanislaus
Abigail V., University of California-Davis
Lauren W., Boston College
Rakia W., University of California-Berkeley
Brooke W., University of California-Merced
Yuhua W., San Francisco State University
Annie W., University of California-Los Angeles
Vicky Y., Sonoma State University
Harry Y., University of California-Merced
Kati Z., Denison University
Thalia Z., University of Redlands 
Marin / Sonoma / San Francisco / Napa / Contra Costa / South Bay / San Mateo / Lake