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Welcome to Promise Helpers' February 2022 newsletter. It is the month to celebrate love with Valentine's Day. We all have a Valentine to celebrate; actually three in one with God our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We have the Father and Son waiting in Heaven, and we have our Holy Spirit here with us on earth; the Trinity, a triangle shape which is the shape of a heart; a continuous reminder of God's love for us. As the special day of celebration approaches, remember to tell them how much you love them. Remember how much they love US!

As always, if at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our February newsletter:

  • Spring Retreat Registration
  • Article "For the Love of God" by Karla Maxwell
  • Tips For Talking To Unbelievers
  • MUST SEE Music Video of "The World Blessing 2022"
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We are just weeks away from our Spring Retreat, PURSUIT. 4.22: Student of The King, and we are already halfway filled with attendees! Register TODAY before all the available spaces are taken.
You can register with the link below or visit our Promise Helpers' website. Bring a friend! We have space for 75 beautiful ladies.

Our theme is based on Proverbs 8:32, "So listen, my sons and daughters, to everything I tell you, for nothing will bring you more joy than following My ways." Trust + Obey = Joy. Join us for another guaranteed outstanding weekend as we worship the Lord and learn what it means to trust and obey Him, how to trust and obey Him, and what the Lord promises when we do.

You are invited to join a special time of preparing for the spectacular weekend by participating in our forty days of praying and fasting prior to the weekend. Sunday, February 20th marks the start of our forty-day time of spiritual preparation. If forty days is too much, then consider a shorter time or even a day of praying and fasting. Fasting does not have to be food-related; it can be fasting from social media, television, sugar; whatever seems to be a distraction in your life can be used as a fasting mechanism. Use that time to pray for the speakers, attendees, the leaders, and especially for Lord to move in a mighty way and the enemy's tactics to be squashed beforehand.

Lastly, if you would like to be a blessing to another beautiful lady by donating towards a scholarship, we always have a need for scholarships to be filled. Click on the "Scholarship" link below if you would like to help with changing the life of another lady. You will be directed to our PayPal account, and simply select "Retreat Scholarships". You will bless them and yourself for doing so.

April 1st - 3rd, 2022
Glen Rose Retreat Center
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$135 includes all meals and lodging
For the Love of God
by Karla Maxwell
A couple of months ago I was in a busy city waiting for the traffic light to change at a busy intersection, and I sat back to notice all the people around me; all the cars, the people in the cars, the people coming in and out of stores or walking on the sidewalks, etc. There were a lot of people just at that minuscule location compared to the world.
Then the question occurred to me how many people will there be in Heaven? We have all imagined what Heaven will be like with its magnificent gates and streets of gold, the Glory of the Lord shining as our light. But have you ever stopped to think of how many people will be there? People since the universe was created with Adam and Eve. Just the number of babies since the beginning of time that never left their mother's womb alive is enough to blow ones' mind.
While waiting at that intersection, the Lord's love for man and His value of life became very real. He sent his only Son to die for every person at that intersection, every person in the world past, present, and future. Can you fathom the number of people that will be with the Lord after He returns for us?
And then the sad truth hit me. Not everyone at that intersection will be in Heaven. The young lady sitting in her car checking her phone, the construction worker in the fast-food drive-thru, the mom rushing into a store with a baby in tow... all destined to an eternity of life or damnation. There will be zillions of people in Heaven, which is so exciting! But even more people will be in Hell for eternity based on Matthew 7:13-14. Think about that for a moment. We come across people every day that need the Good News of the Lord; people in the grocery store, our neighbors, friends, and relatives. Every one of them need to know what lies ahead.
How are we to reach those that need to hear the Good News? By listening to the prompting of our Holy Spirit and following through with what He says. Trust Him to lead us. Remember our Promise Helpers' newsletter theme for 2022 is Trust Him Completely. We all have a story to tell of how we met the Lord, or what He has done for us. Be willing to share that with anyone the Lord asks you to. They may already be a Christian but need encouragement at that exact time, or be completely lost and need someone to show them the way. God is faithful and He is good all the time, and He has confidence in you to do His work.
To go deeper into how reach the lost, the section below has tips for how to be better prepared to talk to people about Christ.
Our time on earth is so short compared to eternity, and we never know when our eternity will begin. Have courage and do not grow faint, for the Lord is with you. Continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Share His Light and share His Love. Jesus is coming soon and He needs us to show everyone the way to the living eternity.
To God Be the Glory
How To Be Better Prepared For The Next Time You Talk With An Unbeliever

from ambitionsforchrist.com
-Watch Some Experts At Work-

Check out some YouTube videos featuring Frank TurekSean MacDowellKirk Cameron,  Nabeel Quereshi, and Gregory Koukl as they field questions like champs and provide great training for Christians looking to prepare to share their faith.

As you watch, notice patterns of how they deal with the most common questions thrown their way. Also, watch the ways they handle the most crazy off-the-wall questions. These videos are just a small taste of the resources available. (Personally, I love watching YouTube videos like the ones above when I need to be motivated to share my faith better.)

Don’t worry if you never get to the “Expert” level that these guys are at. If you had as many years of conversational experience as they did, you would be a bit of an expert at it too.

Don’t compare your humble beginnings to their years of experience. Instead let them inspire you to share God’s love well with others!

-Learn Some Tactical Questions-

Good conversations require good questions. Questions that make the person answering share from their heart.

Tactical questions are not questions that try to just be mean or drive a point. Instead, tactical questions will patiently and kindly search out where the heart of unbeliever is with God. As they answer these questions you will be able to start to understand why they believe what they believe.
Some great examples of these kind of questions are:

  • What led you to that conclusion?
  • Why did that ________ seem like the best answer to you?
  • Can you give me some background as to why you believe this?
  • When did you first become attracted to this belief system?
  • How does this belief help you answer some of the big life questions about God?

These are just some basic examples of questions you can ask. If you want more help with learning to ask good questions, I highly recommend that you read Tactics and Questioning Evangelism. Both books have done wonders to help me learn how to ask the right questions at the right time.

Finally, just remember that the more you listen and ask good questions, the more likely they are to ask questions of you as well. Be prepared to share your story too!

-Keep Learning From God’s Word-

Want to know how to share God’s Truth from the Bible? Well, you have to know your Bible. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is an ongoing process but the more you dive into your Bible the more confident you will become in sharing the Bible truths with others, even unbelievers.

Find a Bible reading program that works for you. Over the past three years, I have had three very distinctly different methods that I have used. Each one has been great for a season. Just realize that sometimes you will have to change your reading program to fit a new time in life. Trust me, two kids later, I am learning to be flexible in finding what works.

-Memorize Some Bible Verses-

Often when conversations come along with unbelievers, we don’t have a Bible directly within reach. At best, we might have our phone and we could Google a needed verse. But that will feel awkward in the middle of a conversation that is flowing well.

Instead, try to memorize a few of the important Bible verses that will come up frequently when sharing your faith.

If you are unsure where you want to start, I would highly recommend the Topical Memory System resource. These are verses that I memorized over 15 years ago. Most I can still do from memory, which is pretty amazing considering I struggle to remember how to spell my own name some days.

-Practice Your New Skills In A Safe Environment-

Grab your spouse or a dear friend and practice together. Pretend to be an atheist. Practice asking good questions. Rehearse the basic tenets of your faith and your own Christian testimony. Work out the rough spots where you find you stumble the most often.
If you have a Bible study group or a Sunday School, this can be a great activity for the entire group to participate in. Help each other all gain confidence in talking with unbelievers about Christianity.

-Pray For Opportunities To Share Your Christian Faith-

Finally, pray that as you are faithful in preparing, God will lead the people He wants you to talk to your way. God is the one who opens the doors to conversations.

When we try to do it on our own strength, we will fall flat. Instead, ask God to open your eyes to all the times He does want you to speak up and share.

-Some Additional Resources-
There are so many resources to train you how to share your faith. Here are the six most helpful books I have found to help Christians defend their faith.

  • Love Your God With All Your Mind by J.P. Moreland
  • The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel
  • More Than a Carpenter by Josh and Sean McDowell
  • Tactics by Gregory Koukl
  • I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek
  • Understanding The Times by David Noebel and Jeff Myers
Another book that I would like to mention now that is not on that list is Greg Steir’s Dare 2 Share: A Field Guide to Sharing Your Faith. While some will say this book is overly simplified, I admit it is why I love the book.

Basically, he breaks down 20 of the top worldviews that you will encounter frequently and gives you a basic understand of each one. Yes, it is basic and people may or may not follow exactly everything from one worldview. But this book is beyond wonderful at helping you get a manageable grasp of other religious points of view without overwhelming you. Perfect for starting out in your preparation to talk with an unbeliever.

In additions to reading good books, I would highly recommend that you find out if a local church in your community offers evangelism training or something along those lines.
Over the years, some of our pastors have held special Bible studies that focused on preparing Christians to share their faith well. These types of apologetics Bible studies were what helped me find many of the resources that I mentioned in this article. Definitely do not overlook the local church as a potential resource to help you prepare!
Music Video "The World Blessing 2022"

"The Blessing" by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes was released a few days before the pandemic. Since then it has been performed by tens of thousands of people in 257 different languages,154 countries have produced spontaneous Blessing videos totaling hundreds of millions of views. This is a compilation from 500 of these videos into one united World Blessing. May your heart be blessed as you watch and listen.
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