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Welcome to Promise Helpers' November 2021 newsletter. November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, giving thanks to the Lord for all He has provided, giving thanks for all He has seen us through. Some of us have been through major heartache this year, many have had victories, and we are probably all waiting for the Lord to move in some areas of our lives. Whatever season you are in at this time of your life, remember He is God. He takes our circumstances and proves that He is God when we trust Him. He is worthy of our praise, and giving thanks in all circumstances is actually God's plan for us in Christ Jesus according to 1 Thessalonians 5:18, allowing us to grow in grace. If you would like, click the "Share" button below and tell us what you are thankful for.

On another subject, we would like your input. Most of you know Promise Helpers hosts two retreats a year, spring and fall, and each retreat has a theme such as the fall retreat we just had, Stand Firm, and our spring retreat coming up in April, Student of The King. What are some retreat themes you would like us to consider for upcoming retreat weekends? The way we see it, we are all in this together of building each other up, trying to get through these crazy unpredictable times, and we want you to feel more a part of Promise Helpers and the things we try to accomplish for the Lord. We'd like to hear what it is that you'd like to learn about at a retreat. If you have ideas you would like to tell us about, click the "Share" button below to send us an email.
As always, if at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our November newsletter:

  • Fall Retreat Wrap-up and Photo Link
  • "A Letter From God" by Sarah Vincent
  • Article "Standing Firm" by Karla Maxwell
  • What's Happening in Your Area?
  • Our Contact Information
Wrap-up of Pursuit 10.21: Stand Firm
Hallelujah! Our fall retreat, Pursuit 10.21: Stand Firm, was beyond amazing! We had 63 beautiful ladies with hearts and minds open to receive from the Lord, praising and worshiping the One True God, and on Saturday we were blessed to observe 18 ladies be water baptized.

Thank you to everyone that helped make the weekend so incredible! We cannot thank you enough. There were so many people who lent a helping hand and willing heart to serve at this retreat. God is GOOD! There is so much work that goes into a retreat weekend, but it is so worth all the effort.

Our next retreat will be April 1st-3rd, 2022 at Glen Lake Retreat Center in Glen Rose. Make plans now to attend because you do not want to miss it! Registration will open in January for Pursuit 4.22: Student of The King.

Below is a link to photos for your viewing pleasure and reminiscing moments of our Pursuit 10.21: Stand Firm weekend.

A Letter From God
by Sarah Vincent
Sarah Vincent attended our fall retreat, Stand Firm, in October, and she shared a powerful letter the Lord spoke to her three months prior to our weekend gathering. Here is the letter He gave her. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

Dear Daughter,

Now that you know what I have called you to do and the gifts that I have given you, I ask that you use this knowledge for My good and do not neglect it. I ask that you put on My Armor everyday so that you will be prepared when I throw you into battle against the enemy, MY WARRIOR. Stay steadfast in your faith and continue growing your gifts. Do NOT let the world get a hold on you. I’ve given you a key to each and every doorway so that you have control, through Me, to the spiritual realms. I am stronger than anything you may come across in your journey. I will always be there with you through each battle. I, the Holy Spirit, live inside of you now. Any time you feel doubt or fear, remember that I am here, feel the peace and trust Me in all that I do. This journey will not be easy because even though I have your heart and soul, satan is fighting for it. He is afraid of the power that I have entrusted you with. Know that you can do so much more than your worldly mind can fathom. Step into the spiritual realm and feel the power through the Holy Spirit. DO NOT BE FEARFUL! Do as I ask and let Me be your guide. Hear Me, Daughter; forget your past, for I have already laid out your timeline. Through My eyes, your story is rewritten. In My name, you will be able to rebuke without fear of uncertainty, for I give you My certainty. I ask that you give freely without fear for tomorrow, you are my child, and I will bless you. Do not question when I tell you to do something, for My works are greater than your understanding. With this, I tell you to protect your heart at all costs, for your heart bleeds with compassion but can also open doorways that may be hard to close. In your time of hurt, always turn to Me in prayer, for I am your guide through all struggles. Learn My Word so that you can use it with confidence for the work I ask of you. Trust the Holy Spirit, know that through Me, the Holy Spirit will guide you with your gifts.


Your Father In Heaven
Standing Firm
by Karla Maxwell
As I have spent time reflecting on our Fall 2021 Stand Firm weekend, I was awestruck by the incredible armored soldier Cheryl Turner loaned us for the weekend, giving us a visual replica of the Armor of God we read about in the Bible.
When we look at each piece of the Armor the Lord has given us through the words of Paul, he starts with The Belt of Truth. This belt was not a belt used as a fashion statement; it was a vital piece of armor where other pieces of armor fastened onto and held the soldier's sword. Just as the soldier's belt was the foundational element of the soldier's armor, truth is at the center of the Armor of God. As Christians we must uphold what is true because the truth gives us a firm foundation on which we stand in Christ Jesus. We must be loving to others yet remain uncompromising when it comes to His truth. When we compromise the truth, our foundation is shaken, and our testimony in Christ is blemished.
The next piece of armor Paul speaks of is the Breastplate of Righteousness. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are seen as holy in the Lord's eyes. This breastplate protects our heart from the enemy. With the Breastplate of Righteousness, we know the truth; we know who we are in Christ. We are redeemed of the Lord, we are a Child of God, holy, loved unconditionally by the One True God.
Shoes of Peace: an oxymoron when we are talking about a soldier's armor. The Roman army's shoes were made with heavy soles and hobnails in them to provide traction for the soldiers, allowing them to travel further and faster than their enemies. When we wear Shoes of Peace we are able to advance onto the battlefield with steadfast peace because we know our battle has already been won through Christ Jesus. With our Shoes of Peace, we are able to bring the Gospel to others, letting them know they too can have peace.
A Roman soldier's shield was broad enough and long enough to protect his entire body, giving him the ability hide behind the shield to deflect the arrows the enemy launched at him. Just as a soldier used his shield to protect himself from the fiery darts from the enemy, our Shield of Faith is a critical defense against our enemy. If we do not use our Shield of Faith against the enemy, we have no defense. Talk about letting your guard down. Whew! We should ALWAYS have our Shield of Faith up, deflecting the wiles of the enemy. Our Shield of Faith is upright, protecting us when we believe the promises of God, trusting Him to do what He says in His Word.
Not only do we have a shield but we also have a helmet. What is the Helmet of Salvation? Just as a helmet covering our head, our salvation protects us from being dealt a deathblow. Those who are in Christ cannot be defeated by Satan. Our Helmet of Salvation gives us confidence, knowing we will leave the battle victorious. As said by others, Christians do not fight for victory, we fight from a position of victory.
All of these pieces of armor thus far have been for our defense against the enemy. The one offensive weapon the Lord has given us is the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Just as every Roman soldier was equipped with a sword, every believer is equipped with the Word of God. A sword is a weapon used both for offense and defense. To wield the Sword of the Spirit is to use Scripture to defend against attacks on truth and to "destroy strongholds" of false beliefs. The Sword of the Spirit allows us to deflect the blows from the enemy, striking down all that he throws at us.
The Bible tells us to put on the whole Armor of God. It never states to take any part of it off. What would have happened to a Roman soldier had he set aside any of his armor during battle?
The Armor of God starts with Truth, believing what the Lord says. When we have the Truth, we are made Righteous. When we know the Truth and know we are Righteous, we have Peace. When we have Peace, we have confidence in the battle, and we want to share the Good News with others so they can be victorious as well. When we have Peace, we know our Faith will see us through, and we can rest in our Salvation through Jesus Christ.

The only weapon we need is the Sword of the Spirit, God's Word; read it, speak it, memorize it, share it. We are directed to Stand Firm while in the battle, believing the Lord for what He says, trusting Him to see us through. The Lord never says we are to move from our position in order to attack or retreat. Stand Firm. He says, "Be still and know that I AM GOD." He did not say, "Sit down and be still." Be still, stand firm. KNOW HE IS GOD.

To God Be the Glory
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