An Update from Session
Worship Committee and Session Developing Plans for Reopening, following Guidelines
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Such an uncertain time we live in. Government guidelines and orders change quickly making it difficult to know how to live safely and responsibly. Questions abound, with the most important ones for us being when will the church reopen and when can we worship together again.

We want you to know that we are developing plans for reopening. The Worship Committee is meeting by zoom on Thursday, May 21 to discuss this and make recommendations to the Session, which is meeting by zoom on Tuesday, May 26. We are using a variety of guidelines: Wisconsin Council of Churches, Winnebago Presbytery and the PC(USA), and the CDC to name a few. We will let you know how we will proceed as soon as those decisions are made.

We hope you are finding spiritual sustenance from the resource, ”Taking Faith Home”, the online church service conducted by First United Presbyterian Church, De Pere, our zoom chat meeting on Sunday morning, and our zoom devotional on Thursday evening. The Session is working on providing the equipment we need to conduct our own electronic worship, but in the meantime, we are thankful to First United for including us in theirs.

God provides for us in unexpected ways. While many of us have disliked the idea of electronic meetings and worship services, the benefits have allowed us to keep in touch with each other, to do the work of the church, and to worship together, albeit not face-to-face. 

We appreciate your patience and ask for your prayers as we work through this. If you have questions please contact Nancy Siewert, by phone 609-2051 or email .

We will meet again face-to-face at some point and we will rejoice. We are assured of one thing: God is with us, always.

Take heart and keep yourself safe.

On behalf of the Session of First Presbyterian

Nancy Siewert, Clerk
First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay | (920) 437-8121 | |