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Science Rocks from Robin Gary | Results from Well Visits - Trinity Aquifers
Diving Deep into Karst Webinar | Water Protectors Fund
Water Levels and Spring Flow on the Decline (again) | Swim Season Ends Sept. 30
Bacteria Sampling - Sept Results USFWS Proposed Freshwater Mussel Listing
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Science Rocks
It has been so exciting showcasing science and making it relevant to friends. Over the past few months it seems that science programming has been especially front and center for us. Everyone is curious about their surroundings, their creeks and rivers, and their water wells. We've had so many wonderful conversations lately! It has been a pleasure to connect with neighbors and colleagues to through the Neighborhood Site Visits, the Deep in the Karst of Texas initiatives, the Karst Walk, Diving Deep into Karst webinar, and Bacteria monitoring.

This edition of the Watershed News is packed with information about recent programs and successes. There are more in store. Check out the Highlighted Events and stay tuned through social media for updates between newsletters. Many thanks to all of you who have supported the important work done by the WVWA. Your donations make programs, research, and outreach possible.

Enjoy this info-rich edition of the Watershed News and check out our archived newsletters and news posts. Please, share the info with your networks. The more we know, the better we can plan and innovate to protect what we love. Together we can protect and enjoy clean, clear flowing water!

On behalf of the Board and Staff, Thank You!
Be safe, be well and enjoy,
Robin Gary
WVWA Managing Director
Results from Well Visits - Trinity Aquifers

This summer the Watershed Association teamed up with the Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and visited over 60 private wells in northern Comal County and western Hays County....

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Diving Deep into Karst webinar

As part of the Deep in the Karst of Texas education initiative, WVWA and TESPA hosted a webinar about the International Year of Caves and Karst, Texas karst and conservation initiatives, and recent well visits. Presentations and archived webinar...

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Water Protectors Fund

The Water Protectors Fund protects our aquifers, springs, creeks, rivers – and the sole source of drinking water for thousands of people. Through Science, Education, Advocacy and Legal efforts, The Fund boosts Texas water awareness and protection.

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Water levels and spring flow on the decline (again)

With above average rainfall for Central Texas, surface vegetation is thriving, rainwater catchment systems are full, but aquifer conditions aren’t doing as well. Water levels in monitor wells rose after this summer’s wet conditions, but they’ve...

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Jacob's Well and Blue Hole Swim Seasons end Sept. 30

Thousands of visitors flock to the Wimberley Valley each year to swim at Jacob's Well or Blue Hole, stroll along Cypress Creek, relax at bed and breakfasts, and visit shops, galleries, and restaurants. September 30 marks the end of a sold-out...

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Bacteria Sampling: Cypress Creek & Blanco River - Sept. 2021

The Wimberley Water Advisory Group, a group of volunteers, has monitored both Cypress Creek and the Blanco River near Wimberley for E. Coli bacteria for decades. Long-time supporters of this data gathering effort, the WVWA is coordinating with...

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US FWS Proposed Listing for Six Texas Mussel Species

Aquatic species, like freshwater mussels, are particularly useful as indicators of water quality. They have limited range and rely heavily on the surrounding aquatic community to reproduce. Since they're largely immobile, water quality and...

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TPWD Commissioners Support Honey Creek Ranch Acquisition

UPDATE (8/26/2021): The TPWD Commissioners voted to approve funds to acquire the environmentally sensitive Honey Creek Ranch! At the headwaters of Honey Creek, the land acquisition will prevent the land from being developed as residential lots in ...

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Wastewater WIN for the Hill Country

We've received wonderful news from the Nueces River watershed - Young Life's LoneHollow Ranch has opted to treat wastewater through a land application process rather than direct discharge into the Upper Sabinal River. This is particularly...

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Event Highlights
Karst Walk at Blue Hole Regional Park

Take a hike! Visit the Karst Walk all September at Blue Hole Regional Park's Prince-Provost trail—the trail between the Main Office and the Pavilion near the playground. This is the walking tour of Karst 101 compiled for the...

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Leadership Summit - A Hill Country Conservation Reunion

The Hill Country Alliance's annual Leadership Summit will be held outdoors at Jester King Brewery and livestreamed online, Thursday, September 30. Topics: Hill Country Conservation Network metrics, dark skies, cedar, One Water, and much...

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Call for Artists - Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition

Calling all artists! Please submit concepts for art kites by October 1. Artists will receive $1,000 for a selected artwork for the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition, recognition in the exhibition and accompanying catalog in print and online, as well ...

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Malcolm Harris, president of WVWA and a long-time landowner and advocate for watersheds in the Wimberley Valley. Topics include: Camp Waloa: Then and Now; Life in the Camp and Wimberley Long Ago; Conserving Cypress Creek Nature Trail Park; Jacob’s Well and a Diving Helmet; Preserving Well Flow; Joy in the GMZ, Sada’s Name, and Jack Hollon; One Water School, Looking to the Future
Lori Olson is a leading voice in the effort to preserve and protect the land, water, and natural culture of the Texas Hill Country. Topics include: Blue Hole and a Path in Land Conservation; The E.O. Wilson Influence; Land Trusts: Value for Community; Parks and Open Spaces for Hays County; One Water School: Big Concept for Big Concerns; Water and Land: the Love and Hope of Sustainability
Joe Day turned early retirement from an intense career dealing with disasters across the region into a pro bono passion for environmental education, watershed protection, and marketing sustainable economic development. Topics include: A Well and a River: Two Noble Projects; A Fortune in Tank Testing and Aquifer Remediation; Meeting David Baker in the Art of Conserving Wimberley; Jacob’s Well: from Tombstone to Giant Mitigation; What’s a Good Outcome? Integrity, Curiosity, Partnership
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