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Tips for Having Difficult Conversations with Youth
Diana Barney, LGPC, a director within EveryMind’s Division of Youth & Family Services, writes about how to help youth in times of trauma:

"As parents and caregivers, we are frontline defenders in helping our youth feel safe and empowered in what can feel like a chaotic and out of control world. This requires us to be engaged with and invested in our youth, to have difficult conversations, and to acknowledge that the world can be both exciting and terrifying. By listening, sharing our views, and being supportive we can start any conversation with our youth and together find a path forward."

March 10-11, Washington Convention Center
We're located in the ChangingMinds Pavilion. Stop by to say hello, learn about the RunforEveryMind and discover more ways to improve your mental wellness.

Speakers from EveryMind include:
Karen Duffy, MA, Saturday at 4:00pm - Self-care for the Caregiver
Johan Orjuela, LCSW, Sunday at 12:00pm - Being Trauma Informed

Diana Barney, LGPC, will participate on a panel discussion about Teen Suicide at 12:30pm on Saturday with Doreen Gentzler on the Main Stage. Find out more today!
Barry's Bootcamp a Success!

We'd like to give a big thank you to Autria Godfrey and Aly Jacobs for hosting a great workout!

Barry's Bootcamp donated 100% of proceeds from this event, totaling more than $1,000, to support ServingTogether, EveryMind's commitment to veterans, service members and their families.
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