Weekly Bulletin Board
September 13 - September 19, 2020
If you or your loved ones are in need of support, please call the Unity of Syracuse office at: (315) 492 - 0330.

September 13 at 11:00 AM

"Order: Where is It?"

by Leland Jackson
Unity Prayer & Fellowship Hour
Video chat and socialize after service.
(Bring your own coffee!)

Prayer Chaplains are available privately.
"Coffee hour" begins after the Sunday Service
~ 12:15PM.

Meeting ID: 871 9780 3151
Password: c0ffeeOrT?
Youth & Family Ministry
Virtual Classroom

YFM is hosting a virtual classroom for all of our youth at 10 AM, an hour before the YouTube streamed church service begins.

If you want your children to join us, please send an email to YFM director Ken Walling, at yfm@unitysyracuse.org.
Divine Order Emerges Every Day!
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Social Justice Discussion Group
Unity Social Justice Discussion Groups aree held via Zoom every other week, on Monday mornings at 10AM and on Tuesday evenings at 7:30PM.

The second of our September sessions will be on

Monday, September 21 @ 10am
Tuesday, September 22 @ 7:30 pm.


Weekly Topic Discussion Groups

Discuss the previous Sunday's lesson on the following Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening. Groups are led by a facilitator and last about an hour.

Join any group, anytime!
Tuesday 10:00 AM Discussion Group

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 867 0356 7092
Password: TuesCnnect
Wednesday 7:00 PM Discussion Group

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 830 1676 6373
Password: W3d5.Truth
If you missed last week's message:

by Mina Bradley-Cauger

You can find a recording of the video on

Or, click this image:
Our Sunday services are streamed live on YouTube and recorded for future viewing. If these links aren't working for you, you can search on YouTube for:
"Unity Syracuse."

Additional links and audio of the service are available on the Unity of Syracuse website.

Prayer Opportunities

Do you have a need for prayers in for yourself and your people? Do you want to give prayer for others? There are resources for you through Unity.
Call Silent Unity for prayer at:
More information can be found at unity.org/prayer.

Or join the prayer vigil at UnityPrayerVigil.org.
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Unity of Syracuse inspires, awakens and transforms lives through unlimited prayer, love and service.

The annual theme for Unity in 2020
Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens
Power of the Month for September: Order
Color: Olive green
Disciple: James, son of Alphaeus
Location: behind the navel
The ability to organize, balance, sequence, adjust.

"My life is balanced and in order, and all is well."

Music Director: TBD
Celebration Team Leader: Sally Dulcich-Bloom

We are inspiring, accepting, expressing Truth, forgiving, progressive, loving and compassionate.
Interested in becoming a member of our Spiritual Community?
Give the Unity of Syracuse office a call at:
(315) 492 - 0330