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Celebrate the Power of Yoga All Month Long!
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-Top 5 Summer Challenge Winners

-Woodruff Road's Face-lift

-New Teachers

-September's Charity

-National Yoga Month

-Ness Fest

-Your Carolina


-October Workshops

-Fall 40 Days
Fall is Upon Us
Peaceful Greetings Friend!

Welcome to September! With Summer getting further in our rear-view, we begin to look forward to the Fall. As we look back and reflect on the immense amount of work and sweat poured into the studios over the last few months, the word gratitude comes to mind. Gratitude can always radiate from within, however at Southern Om we feel it is a well- traveled two way street. We are eternally grateful for your continued practice and we hope you feel the same about your Om away from Home. Please let that empower your practice and daily routines as we all charge fearlessly into the future together. 

Congratulations Kathy! You're a Yoga Champion!
Did you know Southern Om is using ground breaking technology to fuel your practice?
Top 5 Summer Challenge Winners!
  1. Kathy Loeb, 107 Classes
  2. Sabrina Davidson, 81 Classes
  3. Martha Donaldson, 78 Classes
  4. Valeda Hood, 73 Classes
  5. Brenda Boor, 71 Classes

To all Summer Challenge Participants, YOU ROCK! T-shirts are ordered and we will be in touch about the other awards via e-mail so keep an eye out on your inbox and be sure we aren't landing in your spam folder!

Kathy says, " The motivation was the challenge to see just how many classes I could complete. . .I was only really competing with myself not anyone else. As the SouthernOm Summer Challenge progressed, it honestly became easier. I know that sounds braggy but the truth is that once my body, mind and spirit adjusted to two or, at times, three practices in any given day, it was easier than it was at the start.    Trust me I was tired when it was over and it felt awfully simple to return to one practice a day." 😊
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Woodruff Road Studio Gets a Face-lift!
As many of you know, we closed down our Woodruff Road studio leading into Labor Day weekend. We thank you for your patience with this update! It is our intention that the students, our family, coming to practice are provided with the most positive experience possible.We want you to take ownership of Southern Om as well. This is YOUR studio, where you craft YOUR practice! We replaced the radiators, put down new carpet and put fresh coats of paint in the locker rooms and lobby! No more faulty heat or leaky radiators! Come get your sweat on!
Welcome Om New Teachers!
Southern Om Welcomes two new yoga instructors to the family; Jackie and Charlie. We are thrilled to have you and can't wait for you to settle in to your practice with us! Here's a little about Jackie; you'll get to know Charlie in October's issue!

Jackie Bozarth
200 ERYT, PiYo, Step Aerobics

Jackie hails from Kalamazoo, Michigan and has recently transplanted here to the Upstate back in July! Jackie has been practicing yoga for eight years. She turned to yoga after years of running. The more yoga became part of her life, the more benefits she started to see. Her flexibility increased, back pain decreased, and she received an added benefit reduced anxiety! In 2010 she decided to begin sharing her love of yoga with others by becoming a teacher!

Southern Om Welcomes You!
This Month's Charity
Our September Charity classes are this Friday, September 10, and will benefit the ATI Foundation. Their mission of "Providing resources and funding to children with physical impairments to enhance and sustain a better quality of life" deeply resonates with us. To learn more about this wonderful charity, click  here

If you can't attend class, we invite you to donate!

Suggested $10 donation for class.
Its National Yoga Month!
September is National Yoga month! Check out Yoga Health Foundation's website and refer a friend to Southern Om for a Week of Free Yoga! (Applicable for New Students Only)
NESS Fest, Here We Come!
"The NESS Fest combines the fundamentals of healthy living with the forward thinking of engaging a better version of you than the day before. The NESS team is focused on inspiring an awareness that is not just for a moment, but for a lifetime.
Imagine creating a lifelong change in one person’s life, which creates a ripple effect to their immediate family and friends, then grows to their neighbors - and so on and so forth, until we’ve reached an entire community or city.
This is the NESS dream - resulting in a purposeful community-driven festival providing powerful tools that will evoke the best YOU."

Use code SOUTHERNOM10 for 10% off tickets and the Shop.
Look Ma! I'm on TV!
Southern Om will be on WSPA 7's Your Carolina on November 5th for their "Move-it Monday" segment! Stay tuned for more on this opportunity. Maybe we'll get to have a few students as demonstrators! You'll be able to peek through the windows (Downtown next to Starbucks) as they film and watch your favorite instructors Spread the Om!
Crank Up the Heat!
Two of our teachers will be heading up our hottest class, Southern 26 . If you haven't ventured into the 105 degree heat yet, this is the perfect time to ease into it. Alyssa and Silica will carefully guide you into deeper parts of your practice. Look for these in October .
Tired of Slipping on your mat? Can't quite stick your pose because you're working SO hard? Does that tell-tell sound of work, the infamous squeak, make you self-conscious on your mat? Grab your Yogi-toes skidless towel now at either of our locations! Use your Perkville points!
How to Earn Points:
  • Earn 5 for each class attended
  • Earn 10 for Tweeting about us
  • Earn 30 by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Earn 20 for referring a friend to do our Intro Special
  • Earn 30 points by writing a review on Google, Yelp or another popular review forum! (5 Stars please)
Point Values:
150pts = $15 credit
250pts = $25 credit
500pts = $50 credit
...this could be you.
Megan shows off her new Manduka bolster ($78.00 value) she purchased with hard earned Perkville points. That's some serious Yin Yoga time! I bet she's stress free!...or nearly.
Perkville vs. Facebook
Changes on How You Earn Points
Some things are changing with Perkville points, but don't worry! Nothing will change on your end. You will no longer be able to check-in through Facebook to acquire Perkville points. You will, as always, receive your points every time you check in through the front desk.

What's Perkville? We pay you for coming to class! Find out more here!

I'm sure a bunch of you racked up a ton during the Summer Challenge...
What do you think?
We love hearing from our community! If you have suggestions for ways we can improve your experience or if there is someone on our team you want to recognize - please drop us an email to . It's because of YOU we have been voted "Best of the Upstate" the last four consecutive years. We cherish your decision to practice with us. It is our hope that Southern Om continues to be your Oasis in a Busy Day!


Pace & Sarah
Head Towel Washers