"Eye Poppers" 12" X 12" Mixed Media on Canvas, available through the Hockaday Museum Winter Artist Member Salon show. $500.
"Fluffed Against the Cold"
20" x 20" mixed media,
Available at the Farmstore

Notice the little things:

a bird fluffed out against the cold, a colossal snowflake floating down, an ice pattern on the edge of the path, red berries on a bush, birch bark peeling from a tree, the smell of bread baking, cloves in an orange, evergreens, a wood fire, lights at night, notes of music, the taste of a gingerbread cookie, the purr of a kitten, the snuggled nap with a pup, a kind word from a friend, the smile of a stranger, the giggle of a child, a heart rock on the trail

I have always been a fan of little things and noticing all things small. In a world where the problems seem huge, I tend to switch my focus to the one small, right thing I can do rather than worry about the big stuff I can't fix. I can change the sky color in the painting. I can offer to help you with your painting.  

What little things do you notice that remind you of the season? Better days, or bring a smile to your face?  Email me.

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Sunday, December 13, 2020 11-3 Join me at the
Farmstore for a Holiday Market.

Friday Farmstore Fun
December 18, 2020
It's a pARTy! Wear your mask and let me know
you are coming!

6190 Georgetown Road, Broad Run VA 20137
C. C. & L.H. socially distanced at Pearmund Cellar's Farmstore "pARTy". One more chance to join us on the 18th!!
"Farmstore in Winter" 6" X 8"
"Pearmund Cellars Winter" 6" X 8"
Oliver, my studio pup, wishes you a very Merry Christmas!
"Curly the Llama" available through Amazon
"Marv, AKA Marvelous" 24" X 30" available at Pearmund Cellars .
So excited to share my latest project, written by Michele C. Fortenberry! When Hurricane Rita made landfall in Beaumont, Texas, a pair of flightless birds, Leroy and Emily, learned firsthand what it meant to weather the storms of life. Together, they withstood high winds, torrential rains, and flying debris. Together they found the courage they needed to face their fears, and in the process discovered just how brave they really were. Like us on facebook . Get your copy at www.emublues.com or email me.
Abe's Bear Adventure written by Kathleen Martin and illustrated by me, available through Amazon. We would love for you to order it, then write a review.

Pet portraits see my website for sizes and details or
contact me via email, Only time for a couple more before the holidays.