Sometimes I take to the studio, step up and create my own bright spot! This painting developed out of pure joy, one shape, one stroke, one color at a time! The canvas started out as a different sort of painting and after a bit I decided to take black gesso to the parts I didn't like. Trilliums were plentiful this spring but many of the other "flowers" are invented to fit the moment and the space.
The flowers in the mountains this past summer were more beautiful than ever...or maybe it just seems that way. Needless to say they are inspiration! I never seem to remember the names of all the flowers from year to year so a friend told me about an app called "seek" created by the iNaturalist team. Now it takes even longer to hike the same distance! The app identifies plants, insects, fish, mammals, reptiles, arachnids, mollusks and more. Enjoy! On the photo below we ultimately hiked up to the right edge of the ridge.

"Poppies" 18" X 36", sold
"Sally" !2" X 12", sold
So excited to share my latest project with you! Just in time for an intense hurricane season, meet Leroy and Emily. When Hurricane Rita made landfall in Beaumont, Texas, a pair of flightless birds, Leroy and Emily, learned firsthand what it meant to weather the storms of life. Together, they withstood high winds, torrential rains, and flying debris. Together they found the courage they needed to face their fears, and in the process discovered just how brave they really were. Like us on facebook . Get your copy at or email me.
Abe's Bear Adventure written by Kathleen Martin and illustrated by me, available through Amazon. We would love for you to order it, then write a review.
"Montana Joe" 12" X 12", "Texas Joe" 12" X 12",
both sold.

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