"Sunflower Fields" 24" X 48" Mixed Media
Driving east in the fall takes us past fields and fields of sunflowers in North Dakota. My husband doesn't stop, so I take pictures at 80 miles per hour. Amazingly, this is a perfect reference material for paintings like this. The landscape is distilled to its essence, and these beautiful fields come to life with a little help from my memories. What it doesn't convey is how these heads turn to the light in unison--Heliotropism!
I am so fortunate to have room to spread out and create. The Virginia studio has perfect light, no matter the time of day, and comfortable temperature year-round. All this makes for no excuse to skip painting today! And what projects are ongoing in the studio? I have Emu Blues finger puppets, Pearmund Cellars and Farm Store Christmas cards, a couple of pet portraits, and a new book for Michele C Fortenberry (author of Emu Blues). I have a sunflower painting, a painting of Noah's ark (part of my Bible Stories series). I have also been repainting several pieces to make them really "sing."

Do you have a dedicated space for your creative outlet? Tell me about your space or show me a photo! Out West, my studio is only 8' X 8'. While it is small, it is perfect for leaving my projects ready for the next brush stroke or step. If you can't have a dedicated space, what would it take to move onto a table or area to work quickly? Do you have an easel or drawing table, a basket or tote you can fill with supplies? Think ahead, so when you hit the mark, you are ready to go. Do you have fresh water in your buckets, ready to use? Did you pick up your space after your last creative adventure? Have you decided where you need to start? All these tips help me get going each day.

Pearmund Cellars in Broadrun VA is showing (and selling) some of my work in their tasting room. Soon their Farm Store will also open, and you will find more of my art there. Showing Fine Art at Pearmund Cellars feels like coming home! Chris Pearmund has always supported artists and me in particular; thank you!

My mentor and close friend, Tara Funk Grim, was here for a four-day paint together a couple of weeks ago. Using "Abstract and Colour Techniques in Painting" by Claire Harrigan, we pushed each other in composition exercises, shared products we've found to work for us in the last year, and discussed how to reach people during this pandemic. Besides walking Oliver and eating well, we slept, rested, and had a GREAT time together! I think taking a "staycation" adventure with a like-minded friend is one of the best things you can do for yourself these days.  (See a couple images of my experiments above)

Another book I have found inspirational this year is "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse." The illustrations are delightful, and the words thought-provoking. "Imagine how we would be if we were less afraid," said the mole.
"Grand Finale" 20" X 16" Mixed Media, Available at Walking Man
"Barn Dance"40" X 30", Mixed Media available at Pearmund Cellars
So excited to share my latest project with you! Just in time for an intense hurricane season, meet Leroy and Emily. When Hurricane Rita made landfall in Beaumont, Texas, a pair of flightless birds, Leroy and Emily, learned firsthand what it meant to weather the storms of life. Together, they withstood high winds, torrential rains, and flying debris. Together they found the courage they needed to face their fears, and in the process discovered just how brave they really were. Like us on facebook . Get your copy at www.emublues.com or email me.
Abe's Bear Adventure written by Kathleen Martin and illustrated by me, available through Amazon. We would love for you to order it, then write a review.

Pet portraits see my website for sizes and details or
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