MAY/JUNE 2020 Newsletter
As dis Ability Connections reflects on the current social climate, we remember that the Independent Living Movement owes much to the civil rights movement. Persons with disabilities took inspiration from the brave individuals of the civil rights movement who fought for their rights in society and recognized in themselves the strength to work for equal treatment.  

dis Ability Connections affirms it will continue to serve the community as an organization striving to advance the independence, productivity and full inclusion of all who live with disabilities. dis Ability Connections will never treat someone poorly because of who they are and will continue to work for justice for all. 
Covid-19 Contact Tracing is Having Connection Problems
We have all done it. Your phone rings and you look at the caller ID, it is not one of your contacts nor a phone number you recognize, so you ignore the call.

Help protect others from Covid-19 by answering your phone and knowing if you have been exposed to the virus. The process is called contact tracing and it has been used to control diseases for decades. There's one catch, you have to answer the phone for it to work

If you get a call from:
your local health department
Please Answer
Before celebrating the state's accomplishment, check how your local community is responding. Is there room for improvement, are neighbor cities doing better? Want to do something about it? Learn the impact of census funding . Check with your neighbors and friends, because the census can still be completed by anyone that has not filled theirs out. Even if you no longer have the initial mailing, there are ways that it can be completed. Online, by Phone, or through the Mail are all options to use. Simple and easy.

Hardest part will be thinking back to April 1 st , 2020 as that was the official census day. Use the people that were within your residence that day to answer the questions.

~> WIN $100 GIFT CARD <~

We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people out there with disabilities that did their part and completed the 2020 Census.

Send us a message with a selfie and proof of your completed census with the statement "I am a person with a disability and over the age of 18 years. I consent to have the attached image shared through dis Ability Connections social media sites." We will enter you in a drawing to win 1 of 3 $100 gift cards (limit one winner per household). Eligible contestants have completed their census, sent in photo proof on Facebook, are 18+, and have a disability.

Have all Your Needs been met During Covid-19?
We can still use input from people with disabilities in Jackson, Lenawee, and Hillsdale Counties. Help us better serve you in the future. We have created a survey to help evaluate how your needs are being met during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's quick and easy. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey by clicking on the Survey Monkey picture above or this link.

Chuckles for Charity Update
Chuckles for Charity has officially been rescheduled (again). The event is now scheduled to take place on October 16 th at 6 pm inside the Commonwealth Commerce Center. Those that already purchased tickets (thank you!) are still good, those that would like to purchase some tickets or be a sponsor can find the links on our website or click on the poster image.
white background with red and blue text.  ADA 30.  Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 on July 26th 2020
Credit: ADA National Network (
Join us in celebrating the ADA throughout the month of July. We are going to be sharing some information, history, and influential people that have been involved with the Americans with Disability Act over the years. The ADA turns 30 on July 26 th , 2020.
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