How are you coping with the global health crisis? Shelter In Place and social distancing have taken their toll on everyone. Human beings are not built for isolation. We are social creatures. Hopefully, this will end soon with as few deaths as possible.

For now, please mind your health. Interact wisely with others outside of your home and if you're living with someone who is ill.

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The Massage Advantage

Therapeutic Massage continues to be closed in accordance with Governor Sisolak's order to close non-essential businesses. The order is scheduled to end on May 30. However, we Massage Therapists expect our closures will be extended, maybe into August as part of the governor's phase 3 of reopening.

When the order if lifted, there will be changes. Rumors are that MTs will be required to wear masks, gloves, and possibly lab coats, in addition to the normal sanitation protocols that The Massage Advantage has employed for years.

If you have any concerns about needing massage for health reasons or about receiving a massage with gloves, then please let the governor and your local legislator know.

Please feel free to let me know via email if you're having any specific muscular issues.
Health & Shelter In Place
CLINT HOLMES : Grammy-nominated, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer

PATRICK SNOW : Best-selling author, Writing & Business Coach, Speaker

ANDY ZODIN : Podcast Host, President USPTA Intermountain, Director of Tennis

KEVIN JANISON : Meterologist, Author, Speaker

This episode of The Glen Alex Show features powerful and caring men who offer insights and messages of hope for us all as we work through the global health crisis.

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