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New Series!
~ In Harmony with Divine Spirit We Stand ~

A Call to Action Sustained by
Unity's 1st Principle
with Pat Clarkson

Join us this Sunday when Pat Clarkson kicks off this exciting new series!

Pat's passionate about this topic and says, "I am excited to be one of your speakers in this dynamic series. For me, Unity’s Statement of Social Action provides us with a unique lens through which to view Unity’s Principles and Unity Victoria’s core values.
"This Sunday, I will be introducing you to Unity’s Statement of Social Action. Against its backdrop, we will look at where is our individual acceptance of Principle 1: God is good and active in everything and everywhere. What happens to our belief in Principle 1 when we meet an “other?”
"I offer you this opportunity to reflect on the spirituality you are living from today. See you Sunday!"

* * * * * *
Pat Clarkson came to Unity through Unity Comox Valley, and was called to Ministry not long after. She completed a Ministerial Diploma program from Unity Urban Ministerial School June 2019 and became the Spiritual Leader of Unity Victoria shortly thereafter.
In September, Pat again felt the call, this time to return home to Saskatoon to be present for her mother whose health was failing and to support her family. She values the opportunity to remain connected to Unity Victoria through spiritual conversations.

Once you've heard Pat speak on Sunday, join her for a Zoom conversation and discussion!
Based on the Sunday talk in the series In Harmony With Divine Spirit We Stand, Pat will host a Zoom call on Tuesday September 15 from 6-7pm.

For example, in Pat's Sunday talk she'll be introducing Unity's Statement of Social Action and the alignment of Unity's Principle 1 to that Statement. On the September 15 Zoom call, she'll invite you to share your thoughts about the Statement of Social Action in regard to yourself and/or Unity Victoria, as well as how you see its alignment with Principle 1.
~ 12 Lights Affirmations ~
There were 12 affirmations shared during our special service last Sunday presented by Rev Irene Anton and Mavis Gloeckler. We pass them along to you here as a beautiful remembrance of the 12 weeks we've journeyed together as we Dare To Be the Light In The World!

Thursday, September 10
Note: CT (Central Time is 2 hours ahead of Pacific Time

8 a.m. (CT)—Live music with Eddie Watkins Jr.
11 a.m. (CT)—Bilingual prayer service (English and Spanish)

Rev. Patricia Bass, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Unity Worldwide Ministries
Rev. Juan del Hierro, Associate Minister, Unity on the Bay, Miami, Florida

4 p.m. (CT)—Live music with Eddie Watkins Jr.

 Let's unite heart and mind with people from around the globe to affirm:
Standing in Truth, I move from fear to faith.

Tomorrow Night!

During Unity Worldwide Ministries' World Day of Prayer,
people around the world join together to experience the
peace and power of collective prayer.

Unity Victoria's event is tomorrow:
Thursday, September 10th ~ 7:00-8:00 pm
with Rev Irene Anton and Unity Victoria Prayer Chaplains

Unity recognizes prayer as one of the most powerful practices we have for creating beauty, healing, joy and anything in life.
Through prayer we are opened to an ever-increasing connection with life,
with each other, and with our Higher Self. We are one.
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September 2020 Theme:

HOME — My search for home is already mapped; the way is written on my heart.

Home, article by Elizabeth Howard

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