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Walk by the Bernal Heights playground some morning, and you may see Arc participant Subrina Nennell-Wallace, 32, pushing a giggling toddler on the swings or helping another get his shoe back on.

The children at Little Angels Preschool love Subrina's energy and enthusiasm. Rabab Tawfik, the director of Little Angels, says, "Hiring Subrina was an easy decision."

Subrina first got the idea to make a career out of working with children while spending time with her niece and nephew. She enjoyed playing with them and watching them learn and grow.

To develop her skills, Subrina got her early childhood certification from City College of San Francisco (CCSF). While taking classes, she was getting lots of support from her employment team at The Arc. She studied hard and finished the CCSF program in 2016.

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Job readiness isn’t just about education, though.  

Barret Wall, Arc Employment Specialist, remembers that Subrina used to be silent and uncomfortable in interviews. “It took a lot of role-playing and job interview practice for Subrina to start coming out of her shell,” he says. “After all this work, Subrina learned to speak confidently and show her inner strength.” 

She aced the interview at Little Angels and started there in March. 

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Español / 中国人