We're back with your third official behind-the-scenes look at Folklorama - One Unified Virtual Experience. One Multi-Cultural Fusion Experience,
presented by Manitoba Liquor Marts!

This week we're announcing a brand new partnership to complete your Folklorama Fusion experience, our fantastic Ambassadors General, take a peak at the incredible makers in our Ethno-Cultural Marketplace, and so much more! Keep scrolling!
Each show will start with our 2021 Ambassadors General!
Check out our Ambassadors General at the beginning of each Folklorama Fusion show and on social media!

From left:
Adult Ambassadors General Calvin Loi has volunteered previously at the Indochina Chinese Pavilion and Chinese Pavilion, but has loved volunteering as a tour guide for Folklorama's VIP Bus Tours!

Youth Ambassadors General Donovan Martin has been participating in Folklorama since he was born! Fun fact: his parents met at Folklorama!

Youth Ambassadors General Vivian Shen had her first Folklorama experience when her dance academy was invited to perform at the Chinese Pavilion! She has volunteered with the Indochina Chinese Pavilion and helped organize guests on VIP since then!

Adult Ambassadors General Jan Reyes has been involved with Folklorama for close to 20 years, and that is all thanks to a girl he had a crush on - who is now his wife!
Friday, August 6 - Folklorama Fusion: Africa
Kick off your world tour by journeying across Africa for a cultural experience you will never forget! Before each performance, you will get to learn about each ethno-cultural performance and the importance of keeping culture alive.
We are happy to announce that Farmery Estate Brewery is the Folklorama Fusion official craft brewery partner!

Complete your Fusion experience with Farmery's Folklorama Core Beer Pack and Folklorama Estate Pack!

With every purchase of the limited edition packs, Farmery will donate $2 back to the Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund to support youth-focused initiatives that celebrate and preserve culture.

You can find this limited run pack at an MLCC near you!
Your ethno-cultural food guide
Ethno-Cultural Food Week gives you the opportunity to indulge in yummy, flavourful dishes from August 1-8, 2021 while supporting local restaurants! A win-win!

Join the celebration! Contact Katie Green at kgreen@folklorama.ca to participate in Ethno-Cultural Food Week.
Bindy's Caribbean Delights serves up authentic Caribbean food like roti, curries, Jamaican jerk chicken, and so much more!

You might've experienced their food at the Afro-Caribbean Pavilion and Caribbean Pavilion during the Folklorama Festival in years past!

Grassmere Family Restaurant has a sizable menu - from Canadian breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to Filipino brunch favourites!

As proud Filipino-Canadians, they are happy to share their culture and heritage through delicious cuisine.
Kozak Food serves authentic, home-cooked Ukrainian dishes that sends customers taste buds on a journey to the world of Ukrainian cuisine.

Longing for delicious borscht, soft perogies, steamed cabbage rolls, or sweet pompushki? Kozak Food has it all!
Simon's Steaks brings you hearty, plentiful, and delicious Argentinian and steakhouse food!

Steak sandwiches, crispy fries and sweet potatoes, and empanadas are just a few of the bites you need to try!
Hello shoppers!
We have your go-to Folklorama Pavilion favourites and soon-to-be new favourites listed on our virtual Ethno-Cultural Marketplace!

Join the community of vendors! Contact Katie Green at kgreen@folklorama.ca to be part of Folklorama's first virtual marketplace.
When the owner of A Taste of Africa came to Canada from South Africa just over 20 years ago, his children begged him to make them Biltong, the South African equivalent of jerky.

It did not take long for their home kitchen to become overwhelmed. After continued growth and moving to a registered kitchen, "A Taste of Africa" was born!
Calabria Market is a local Italian market with specialty foods from all over the world. Order lunch daily and bake prepared meals of pizzas, pastas, full deli counter, food baskets, catering, and so much more!

Calabria Market has been involved with the Italian Pavilion since its inception!
The Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba is a homegrown community organization built to share and embrace Japanese and Japanese Canadian culture. They offer activities and programming and three Folklorama Feature Items!

JCAM and its precursor organizations have been involved with Folklorama for the last 50+ years!
Shop handcrafted and hand painted wears from A Crafting Spirit! They sell mugs, canisters, totes, and shoes!

Owner and artisan, Sona Rehsia, has been involved with the Punjab Pavilion for years!

The 50/50 Raffle
Your support of the Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund 50/50 raffle will help establish a granting program to support children and youth in the preservation of culture for generations to come!
Creativity that Excites
“Folklorama feels it has the ad”Vantage” by working with the team at Vantage”, states Tanya Williams, Director of Marketing & Communications at Folklorama. “When we sit down with them to help us create the Festival look, and explain to them the importance of our ethno-cultural communities, they get it.”
Thank you sponsors!
We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to our generous sponsors, funders, and partners who made this event possible and support Folklorama on a year-round basis.

Find a full list of our 2021 sponsors on our website!
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