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December 2020
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Text PECLANCAVE to 844-961-3547 for Lancaster Avenue Businesses
Text PECNAC to 844-961-3547 for PEC events and resources in 19104
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PEC is still giving out food on Thursdays from 10 AM-12 PM!

*The food hub will be closed on the week of Christmas.*
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Thank you to Sewa Diwali!
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Namaste! PEC is grateful to our new friends at the Sewa Diwali initiative who blessed our community with 311 pounds of food collected by 39 families!
Get to Know Your Penn Museum with PEC!
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LoLa 38, People’s Emergency Center's creative placemaking initiative, is partnering with the Penn Museum to deepen meaningful connections with between the museum and neighboring West Philadelphia communities. We hope this initiative will broaden access to the Museum’s collections and programs around archaeology and anthropology, taking steps to increase social equity at one of Philadelphia’s top cultural attractions, while strengthening a sense of belonging for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Residents of the Belmont, Mantua, Mill Creek, Saunders Park, and West Powelton neighborhoods should register with in order to receive full benefits of this program.

*STILL GOING ON* Preventing Homelessness: PEC's New Rental Assistance Program
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People's Emergency Center (PEC) is offering a new rental assistance program, and we have already helped several families negotiate with landlords to accept rental assistance.

Here is just one way in which PEC has helped. Shayna (her name has been changed to protect her privacy) loved her job managing activities for seniors in a nursing home. Every day she came home to care for her four-year-old daughter, happy to be able to provide a home for her. When the COVID19 pandemic impacted her nursing home in March, she was laid off.

By August her savings were drained and she struggled to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. Shayna thought she had found relief when she was hired for a new job in September, but was hit by a car and put on bed rest before her start date. As a result, she fell two months behind on rent and needed assistance, while her start date was rescheduled and her first paycheck was pushed back. PEC worked with Shayna and her landlord, providing the rental assistance that she needed without the landlord incurring court costs. She started her job last week, and was thrilled to be stable once again!

*The criteria has been updated!*

If you or someone you know is struggling to meet their rent payments, please apply here: criteria can be found here.

Men's Coffee Talk!
Men's Coffee Talk will take place on December 8th!

Contact Kevin Brown at or 267-777-5820 for the Zoom ID!
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pec computer classes
Gain Computer Skills Now!

Receive free computer classes and remote tutoring! PEC's digital inclusion program is recruiting adult learners at all skill levels.

Take advantage of personalized learning plans driven by your needs. Use your own device or receive a device if needed. (Limited quantities available).
Free home internet for two months, webpage link:, $9.95 a month after two months
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  • The program is required for all landlords with tenants who've had COVID-related obstacles to paying rent, but requires that landlords have a valid rental license and that they've provided tenants with a notice of their rights under the Emergency Housing Protection Act.