December 23, 2019

Dear Fellow Democrats,

We saw it coming, but waking to the headline, “Trump Impeached” was a jarring shake of reality.

How does this action in the US House of Representatives impact Marion County, Oregon and what will your role be moving forward?

Let us count the ways.
In 2020 we will see: 1 Presidential election; 5 Statewide races; 1 County Commissioner elections; 11 State Senate and House of Representative races; countless local elections and thousands of voters to register and educate.
There are also systemic issues to tackle: racism, campaign finance reform, redistricting, immigration reform, education equity, non-affiliated voters and much more.
We’re up the task but only because you are part of the team. Your volunteer time, enthusiasm, commitment to Democratic values and your generous giving fuels our work!
Thanks to you , we will continue to make organizing workspace accessible; offer programs that connect people to campaigns and issues and; offer affordable and fun ways to donate – YOU make Marion County Democrats a force to be reckon with !

In so many ways, you have the capacity to turn Marion County blue.
It is not only the individuals running for elected office that concerns us. The very systems that define the electoral process and the still growing social tensions in the United States and around the world must be confronted. Marion County Democrats are committed to fair elections and every individual's right to the pursuit of happiness and personal liberty.
Our pledge to you…
From an historic presidential election to school board races, we pledge vigilance in our pursuit of strengthening the Republic for which we stand; ever mindful that our Constitution is our guide and that no one is above the law. No one . Ever .
Your pledge to Marion County Democrats…
We hope you will pledge your time, talent and treasure to support and advance the work of your Democratic Party. We invite you to sign-up as a volunteer , join a committee and donate today .
In fact, by joining our Democratic Victory Alliance through a monthly contribution you will help build a foundation from which to launch a strong, Democratic future.
“Organizing is the act of building power; mobilizing is the act of spending the power you’ve built.”
Can we count on you please help us build the capacity to organize and mobilize? We know with your support we can do it!
Just click this link to learn more about the Democratic Victory Alliance and please join today .
See you on the front line!
Your MCDCC Executive Committee
Evan Sorce, Chair
P.S. If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Committee Person or working with the Neighbor Leader Program, please contact our Membership Committee for more information. And…thank you!

P.P.S. If you haven't done so yet, please take a few minutes and complete our 2020 Issues survey .
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