Sunday, March 22, 10:00 am
ARTChurch - Online via Zoom
" The Lord is my Shepherd, There is Nothing That I Lack "
The well-known and well-loved Psalm 23 speaks of the complete provision, the wholeness, and comprehensiveness of the shepherd’s care for his sheep. Food, protection, honor and reconciliation, a table where enemies can sit together at a banquet, are all ways in which the shepherd shows love. BUT, it also speaks of the darkness and the valleys in which we human beings find ourselves. 

So, how can we say that "we lack nothing" in the midst of a global pandemic? Where is this blankety-blank Shepherd when our hearts are full of fear? Where is God when a deadly illness that we do not understand is galloping across the world and we can't find food, toilet tissue, patience, or love?

This Sunday, for Online ARTChurch we will use series of artists' images for Psalm 23 to consider these deep questions and discover our Shepherd's provision.
Prayer for the Forth Sunday in Lent

God of song and heartache, you know that the most challenging places cause our hearts to sing the prettiest songs. The shadow of death makes it dark in the valley, but in these moments we are like seeds in soil, waiting for the right moment to put down roots and send up shoots toward the surface. Cause our hearts to rest in what we cannot see with our eyes; to hear what the ear cannot decipher, and to love the mystery of your love. Amen.
Online Lunch & Contemplation
Tuesday, March 24 | Friday, March 27
@ 12 pm
Join Rev. Wendy for a conversation during this time of social distancing, get online with Sanctuary to connect with/make new friends, enjoy some lunch, and check on your heart and soul space! We will talk and pray and inspire each other. Be apart of the group with Rev. Wendy and members of the Leadership Circle - everybody needs a little sanctuary.
Animate Practices Series
Beginning Wednesday, April 01 @ 6:30 pm
Thought-provoking perspectives from contemporary, progressive theologian/though leaders that beckon deep discussions. Video Presentations will intersect with hands-on experiences of the faith practices.
Seven Weeks: prayer, food, worship, sacraments, money, service, and community.

Join Sanctuary and Hillside online via zoom.
Faith & Film Update
March's Faith & Film has been rescheduled for March 27 online! Our viewing of Come Sunday will happen over Zoom and it will require access to a Netflix account. Please use the link to learn more and for access to the Zoom meeting!
A Few Reminders!
Our micro pantry is still open. Please donate if you have the capacity during this time to help our neighbors!

For any further information on the virus, events, or how we can still be Sanctuary for ourselves and others, please check out the website:
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