Being Sanctuary - Being Prepared
Church and the Coronavirus - Recommendations from the UCC
Your Staff and Leadership Circle will address questions of preparedness for a pandemic , as recommended by our UCC denomination at their regularly scheduled LC Meeting , this Tuesday, 3/10.

Meanwhile, we have take these steps to insure your safety as we gather:

All (leaders, members, guests, and staff) are encouraged to stay home if they exhibit symptoms.

The following precaution are in place for worship and other gatherings at Sanctuary:
  • we are washing our hands - a lot!
  • we have increased cleaning frequency, using bleach based cleansers on doorknobs, handles and other surfaces; all are encouraged to use wipes, tissue or their own clothing to avoid handling public surfaces;
  • we will pass the peace by bowing, bumping elbows, or offering another sign of peace that does not require contact;
  • we have hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes in the space and all will be invited to use them before communion;
  • we will implement individual cups for communion; and serve the bread directly to each person's open hand;
  • the offering plate will be carried by one person rather than being passed from person to person.
Sunday, March 08, 10:00 am
Sunday Circle @ Sanctuary UCC
"The Power of the Possible"
In the dark of night, Pharisee and Teacher Nicodemus poses the question "How is this possible?" and his curiosity elicits Jesus' most famous response! " For God so loved the world " is how all things are possible. We have all had moments in life when we would rather deny that the impossible is possible than to learn new ways of doing things or to risk the possibilities of some new experiences in our lives. Yet, every day - we are doing "impossible" things - think microwaving dinner, Googling the answer, texting your friend in Alaska...

Can we believe in the limitless possibility of God's love and grace when it comes to habits, hurts, and our heart? Can we believe in the limitless possibility of God's hand in our future? Can we believe in the limitless possibility of God's plan for The Church?

In this week's Sunday Circle, we will confess the impossibilities that hold us back and claim the possibility of new life through the love of God in Christ!
Prayer for the Second Sunday in Lent:
God of mystery, we are often bound by the kind of logic that keeps us from imagining rebirth. Open our minds to the idea that we can be born again and again so we can imagine life both new and renewed for ourselves and all of creation. Amen.
Messy Church This Sunday, March 08
God Welcomes Us Home
God welcomes us home with extravagant, excessive, illogical love! And sometimes, God even throws a party so we know that we are always forgiven! Parents and kids will have a chance to act out the story, play with the pigs, and show the same kind of welcome to our neighbors at Hillside!

We will sing of God's welcome, dance and share some chocolate coins!!

Online Racial Justice Book Study
March 26 (12-1:15)
with Rev. Dr. Jennifer Harvey
Jennifer’s books are a testament to what the Christian Church needs to be reading and studying in order to create a racially just world. She will teach you what you (and the Church) can do to create a Just World For All
The Power of Story
This Week @ Shiloh Baptist
Wednesday, March 11 @ 6:30 pm
You're Invited to Attend
March's Gallery Reception
March 13 @ 7:00 pm
March Faith & Film
A Few Reminders!
Save The Date
Messy Church
@ Hillside Community
Sunday, March 08, 4:00 pm
Leadership Circle Meeting
@ Sanctuary
Tuesday, March 10, 6:00 pm
Dinner & Devotions
@ Shiloh Baptist
Wednesday, March 11, 6:30 pm
Super Saturday
in Wilbraham
Saturday, March 14, 8:00 am
Dinner & Devotions
@ Community Baptist
Wednesday, March 18, 6:30 pm
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