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Welcome to Promise Helpers' May 2021 newsletter.

Hope, Faith, Trust in the Lord. Three simple words, yet we have such a difficult time doing what those three simple words mean (most of us, anyway). The enemy combats those three simple words with fear, unforgiveness, pride, whatever he can use to take our focus off the Lord. It is our decision where we put our focus. The enemy is sneaky and deceives us into believing we are right in thinking or doing the things we do in the flesh. He makes us believe we are "justified" for our actions. But the Lord has another way of looking at justification. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become justified in the Lord's eye- "Just If I'd" never sinned. We become holy in the Lord's eyes, yet, the enemy comes to defile our holiness. Continue to stand guard against the enemy, and do not let him infiltrate your life. GOD is so GOOD! He loves YOU! Continue to praise him in 2021 for all He has done, is doing, and will do in your life.

If at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our May newsletter:

  • Registration for Girls' Camp, Destination 6.21: Liked
  • Article "What's In Your Yard?" by Karla Maxwell
  • Lyric Video "Promise Keeper" by Hope Darst
  • Helpful Hint: How To Pray Over Your House
  • What's Happening In Your Area?
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Our camp for young girls who just completed 6th grade through girls who just graduated high school is fast approaching! Do you know any young lady who could join us? "Destination" is what we call our Promise Helpers' girls' camp. We spend four days with these young ladies, telling them how beautiful they are and love them with unconditional love; it is a time for girls to disconnect from everyday life in a positive environment for just a little bit.

We will be using the book by Kari Kampakis "Liked". We will apply positive and powerful insights to encourage our girls to apply God's timeless truths in the digital age we live in. We will dive deep into topics of social media, friendships, identity, and faith; and answer those questions that may stir wildly in today's teenagers' mind and heart such as Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I love myself when I feel unlovable?

If you have or know a girl that would benefit from this fun-filled weekend, invite her to join us. We will have tons of fun getting to know each other, and finding out what the Truth says about us. The world is full of lies. Promise Helpers' Destination camp is a powerful resource for young girls going through these difficult, vulnerable years and adds to a firm foundation for them to stand on. Register through Promise Helpers' website or clicking the "Register Now" button below.

June 10th-13th, 2021
Tri-Rivers Retreat Center
950 CR 227
Hico, TX 76457

$65 includes all meals, lodging, and bedding
Scholarships are available - just ask!
Now is the refreshing time of year with all things green; green leaves on trees, green grass, and if your yard is similar to mine, a yard of green weeds. Weeds that have taken over any thought of enjoying beautiful, soft, lush green grass. Every year at this time I mention to my beloved hubby how we should have used pre-emergent to stop the ugliness from taking root, and every year he states he will make it a point to do so "next year". Yet, every year our opportunity in January slips away without a thought of applying the weed preventative, because who thinks of yardwork in January when nothing is growing?
Recently, I was outside enjoying time with our two black Pug puppies, Molly and Lucy. As they were scrambling in their own wrestling match with each other, I was relaxing pulling a few weeds. I knew it was a futile attempt to beautify my yard, but it was something to do and I tend to like challenges.
While I was immersed in my new endeavor, the phrase "plucked from the root" came to mind. Are you familiar with that phrase? It refers to anything we struggle with whether it be sin, sickness, any sinister attacks against us from the enemy, etc. When we pluck something from the root, we are getting rid of it once and for all, requiring it to never return.
There is a lot to be said about weeds and how they parallel with the Christian life. In order to get rid of weeds, the roots must be pulled out of the ground, in essence, plucked from the root. If the root is not pulled, the weed will continue to grow and the root will become bigger and stronger. It is the same with the Christian life. If we have sin in our life or the enemy is upon us in attack mode, we must get rid of the root cause in order to see change.
If your yard is covered in weeds like my yard is, you know that when a section of weeds is pulled, there is no grass underneath. The grass is choked out by the weeds. That is just like us. When we are consumed by things that are not of the Lord, we cannot grow. Just as the sun cannot reach the grass, the Son cannot reach us. The good news is that just as the sun is always there waiting for the grass, the Son of God is always there for us.
The thing about my green weeds is that from a distance the yard looks healthy and whole, but upon closer examination, one can see what it really contains. Have you ever felt that way either spiritually, physically, or mentally? You may look healthy and whole to everyone on the outside, but deep inside is the truth... depression, anxiety, unforgiveness, fear, the list goes on. The only way to get rid those weeds in our lives is to pluck them from the root.
It is so much easier to maintain a yard with just a few weeds here and there. It is impossible to maintain a yard that is full of weeds such as mine without help... and time. It is obvious I will not be able to get my yard the way I would like this year unless I have an army of weed pullers, and I do not have that (although Molly and Lucy think they are helping when they play with the pulled weeds). Perhaps next winter we will, in fact, remember to use pre-emergent and not have this outcome again. Thank you, Lord, that we do not have to wait an entire year to experience your goodness and mercy!
Are you glad we have help in our lives through the Holy Spirit? He reveals the weeds in our lives that need to be plucked, He helps us pluck the weeds from the root, and when we follow Him, He keeps the weeds from taking over our lives. The Holy Spirit is like our pre-emergent in life. We know the season of weeds is coming, but when we prepare by reading the Bible, speak the Truth, praise and worship the Lord in all things, we are prepared for those occasional weeds that make their way through the lush green grass we have worked hard to maintain. It takes discipline and dedication to maintain a lush green yard, just like it takes discipline and dedication to maintain a relationship with Christ.

Not only do we have the Holy Spirit to help us, we also have an army of angels to help us and we can choose to surround ourselves with like-minded friends to help us pluck the weeds and stay on task. God is so good!
How is in your yard? Does it have just a few weeds, or does it need some major help? We all have yards that need tending to on a daily basis. Remember your help is in the Lord.
To God Be the Glory,
Karla Maxwell
Lyric Video "Promise Keeper" by Hope Darst
Praying Over Your Home

A prayer walk through your home is exactly what it sounds like. It is physically walking through each room or area of the home and praying for God’s protection and blessings, as well as thanking and praising Him.

Praying over your home is a wonderful way to cleanse the home from any of the devil’s schemes. By praying over your home, you are asking God to protect those inside it and making Him the priority in your lives.

If you are facing difficult times or strife within the home, a prayer walk throughout can cleanse the home spiritually and make it feel like a brand new start.

A prayer walk through your home asks the Holy Spirit to be Lord of all, including your home.

Guide For Praying Over Your Home

  • Pray that your home is built on the unmovable foundation of Jesus

God please bring peace to this home and those that live in it. You are our hedge of protection, Father, please watch over us every moment of our days. Bless the door of our home and all who enter it. As we pass through this door, draw us more deeply into your presence and may a spirit of humility, kindness, gratitude and love always prevail here. 

  • Pray for your family to obey the commandments and joyfully serve God 

Heavenly Father, I give You my heart and promise that as Scripture says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Please keep any negativity in word and deed away from us. Allow us to grow in You and be an encouragement to each other. Lord, I ask You to protect my family – their hearts, spirits, minds – all of us. We give all of ourselves to You. Give us eyes to see others as You do and to serve others joyfully.

Remind us to keep your Word in our hearts and always follow your commands. We give each and every area of our lives to You – our finances, our home and all that is in it, our jobs, our hobbies, our relationships. Enter every area of our lives, Lord as we know they belong to You.

  • Pray Over Your Kitchen and Dining Room and for God to provide for your family’s needs and that their sustenance comes from The Lord

"Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval." – John 6:27 

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? – Matthew 6:25 

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. – Matthew 6:31-32

He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever. –
Psalm 136:25 

  • Pray Through and Over Each Bedroom and Pray that Each Person Finds Rest and Gives Their Heart to Christ

Adonai, please bless the doorway to this bedroom and place a hedge of protection around those that find rest here. Allow us to find rest, comfort and peace inside these walls and on this bed. Grant us refreshing sleep and a quiet peaceful haven to slumber and fellowship with You. Lord I pray that we feel your presence here and dream the dreams that You place in our hearts. God, please let us wake each day refreshed as You provide new mercies each day.

  • Pray In and Over Your Living Room or Family Room

Father God, thank you for providing a home for our family. Let this house, specifically, this room, be a place of comfort, peace and fellowship for us.

Please bless this living room (or family room) and let it be filled with love, respect, kindness and only words that build one another up and do not tear each other down. 

Heavenly Father, I pray that our choices of entertainment will glorify You. May we never watch or listen to things that don’t honor or glorify You. Please give us wisdom and discernment in our entertainment choices and what we choose to watch or listen to on radio, television and the internet. Guard our hearts and minds against evil and immorality. 

Let us show hospitality to others and demonstrate your love to all who enter here.

  • Pray In and Over Your Home Office and the Work You Do

Lord, thank you for the money we have to pay our bills and provide for our family. Thank you for the work we have. We know that all belongs to You and we are entrusted with it during our time on this side of Heaven. We ask that each decision we make, each dollar we spend, glorifies You. 

If you run a business from home, here is an additional prayer You may wish to use:

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunities that You have given to me. Please give me the wisdom to make decisions that are honoring to You. I trust in You as I work to be prosperous. I ask You to expand and enlarge my territory and pray that You allow my business to grow and bless others.

** For a more detailed look at praying over your home, click the link below to visit the website "A Woman of Noble Character"
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