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Welcome to Promise Helpers' September 2021 newsletter. We all have things the Lord asks us to do. How do you respond to His requests? With excitement and joy, with apprehension? Both? Or do you put off what He asks hoping He will forget? Well, Dear Friend, He will not forget the task. If we fail to do what He asks, He will just ask someone else, which means we miss out on an opportunity to be a blessing and be blessed in the process. Do not feel bad if you have missed His opportunities; we all have done that. Be encouraged that the Lord wants to use you for His glory. Focus on Him with praise and worship and strive to do His will. Life is a continuous learning process, otherwise it would be Heaven.

Last month we asked what your favorite praise and worship songs are, and two ladies responded. So, Juanita Martin and Brittany Pearson, your favorite praise and worship songs are in music video clips below. Thanks for sharing!

If at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our September newsletter:

  • Registration for Pursuit 10.21: Stand Firm
  • Lyric Videos of Two Favorite Praise and Worship Songs
  • Article "Flesh Roots" by Karla Maxwell
  • Helpful Hints: How To Stop Procrastinating To Get More Things Done
  • What's Happening in Your Area?
  • Our Contact Information
Our fall retreat, Pursuit 10.21: Stand Firm, is quickly approaching! By this time next month we will be in Glen Rose together praising and worshiping our Lord. We cannot wait to see you! Invite a friend to come with you. We have space for 75 ladies, so do not procrastinate with registration. We cannot wait to see you!
We are in the middle of our 40-day fast and prayer while preparing for the retreat. We invite all of you to participate in fasting and praying. If you cannot pray and fast the entire time up until retreat, even one week or one day of praying and fasting can build a stronger fortitude against the enemy attacking our weekend. Fasting can be abstaining from food, sugar, social media, television, etc. Pray for the retreat, the speakers, attendees, lives to be changed, whatever the Lord lays on your heart. Even if you cannot attend the retreat, your prayers are needed. A cord of many strands cannot be broken.

We will have all meals and sleeping quarters provided for you. We will also have water baptisms again on Saturday afternoon, plus more free time to explore the camp, canoeing, or hiking up to the Glen Lake Retreat Center cross. It will be an AWESOME weekend and you do not want to miss what God has in store for you.

Registration is open, and you can register here by clicking the "Register Now" button below or visiting Promise Helpers' website.
October 1st-3rd, 2021
Glen Lake Retreat Center
Glen Rose, TX
$135 includes all meals and lodging
If you would like to receive a blessing from the Lord by providing a scholarship or partial scholarship for a financially struggling lady to attend retreat, Promise Helpers would love your willingness to serve in that capacity. Click on the "Scholarship Donation" button below for Promise Helpers' PayPal page and click on the "retreat" option. Any given amount will be greatly appreciated.
Juanita Martin's Favorite Praise and Worship Song
"Great is Thy Faithfulness"
Brittany Pearson's Favorite Praise and Worship Song
Phil Wickham "Living Hope"
Flesh Roots
by Karla Maxwell
I am going to tell you something the Lord has been dealing with me about in the last few weeks, something that has probably been with me my whole life, I would assume. But since I have had this issue as long as I can remember, I never thought it was a problem until the Lord brought it to my attention. The issue? Procrastination.
What is procrastination? We all know it as putting off something that needs to be done until the last minute. There are times I procrastinate because there are some things I just do not want to do. But there are other times I procrastinate because I just do not know where to start, so I put off getting started.
A month or so ago I was contemplating what the root cause of my procrastinating habit could be when I heard the Lord say, "What if Jesus procrastinated going to the cross?" Whoa! That hit me like a ton of bricks.
So, then I started contemplating the truth of procrastination and realized procrastination is a tool from the enemy to divert our attention away from the Lord. When we put things off for later, we cause unnecessary stress upon ourselves and often times stress upon others as they are waiting for us to accomplish something. Procrastination can create chaos which the enemy loves. Procrastination keeps people from hearing the Good News of Jesus because we put off telling someone how much God loves them and desires to spend eternity with them. Procrastination boils down to loving the flesh more than the purpose. Ouch!
Has the Lord been talking to you about what I would call "Flesh Roots" (but in reality is just flat-out sin)? Perhaps your Flesh Root is not procrastination, but rather judging others, gossiping, busyness, or negativity. Whatever the root, God is bigger. Even if it is a trait we were born with, the Lord can change us.
These Flesh Roots are why the Lord tells us to daily renew our minds because He knows the enemy bombards us every day with his bag of tools to distract us. Set your mind on what is right and good. Stay focused on the Lord in all things and these Flesh Roots will die.
There may not be another "tomorrow", so do not put off another day what the Lord asks you to do.

To God be the Glory

Karla Maxwell
How To Stop Procrastinating To Get More Things Done
from korrashay.com
Step 1: Stop falling for distractions
That includes your phone, social media, etc.
Step 2: Learn how to write To-Do lists
Having a solid idea of what and when things need to be accomplished before you even start is so helpful for not procrastinating.

It’s easy to convince yourself that things can be dealt with later. But if you have it written on a list that HAS to be dealt with that day/week/month etc. then you are way less likely to push it off.

To-do lists sound really basic but there are tips andp tricks you can take for writing efficient to do lists that help you avoid procrastinating and stay on top of deadlines.

*Bonus tip: using a cute to do list notepad can bring you a little extra joy and I highly recommend it.
Step 3: Stop multi-tasking
Multitasking can seem like a great way to get more done but don’t fall for it!

Multitasking actually makes you take longer to accomplish both tasks compared to if you completed one at a time. Think about it- your brain has to constantly switch gears when you are multitasking which takes time even if it’s just seconds, and those seconds add up quickly.

Multitasking also makes it more likely that you will make a mistake while you’re completing the tasks. Set yourself up for a procrastination-free and mistake-free day by accomplishing one task at a time.
Step 4: Always know what step is next
The best way to make sure you stick to your plan and don’t fall into a procrastination pit is to know what is your next step.

Don’t allow time in between tasks where you are debating what to do next because it is so easy to get distracted in that decision time and procrastinate rather than working towards completing your next goal.

Hourly planners can help with this! It can take a little bit to get into the swing of it but knowing what you are doing each hour really helps eliminate that unhelpful decision time.
Step 5: Stop Fearing Failure
This is an extra important step for all the perfectionists out there.

Fearing failure can make procrastinating even more tempting.
You are scared of failing at the task so you avoid doing it all together. But just remember- that won’t help you succeed or achieve your goals!

Better to try and fail than not try at all (that’s what I tell myself when I fall into the procrastination hole).
Step 6: Take care of small things right away
When your to-do list looks impossibly long, it’s important not only for your success but also for your mind to cross some items off the list.

It’s important for your success because completing little tasks earlier in the day frees you up to focus and truly commit to the larger tasks at hand.

It’s also important for your mental health because crossing things off your to do list is encouraging and motivating. If you start your day with a 4 hour task then it’ll be 4 hours before you cross anything off and you still have all those other small tasks weighing on you.
Step 7: Delegation
The final tip for how to stop procrastinating is all about delegating things! Delegating tasks that you are able to is super important for getting past procrastination.

Delegating helps you prioritize what you need to accomplish and focus on while freeing yourself up by handing some tasks to others who are able to accomplish them.

**Below is the link to Korra Shay's webpage
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