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" Move from Ordinary and Complacent, to Extraordinary and Beyond!"

 I want you to consider sowing a gift of $50 or more to the ministry. When you do, I want to send you a powerfully faith-building book, from a man who lived in the extraordinary of God, Smith Wigglesworth. The book is from Destiny Image, called Smith Wigglesworth on Prayer, Power & Miracles. I know it will be a wonderful encouragement to your faith!

January 15, 2019


You may know someone who started out on the right path, moving in the purposes of God, but because they did not understand the significance of where God was leading them, stopped short of His best. 

They camped out permanently in the place called “Good Enough,” and when they lost momentum with God’s plan, aged and died in that place. Perhaps that was a family member or a parent—a friend or a minister.

The temptation to think “Good Enough” is the best to be hoped for is real, because few in your circle dare to venture beyond complacency. But, “Good Enough” is also dangerous, because it can keep us from the extraordinary God wants to bring us.

Today, God is dealing with the hearts of His people. He is bidding us venture beyond the familiar and the ordinary to walk with Him in places yet to discover. He wants to take us from “Good Enough” to “ More than Enough” —from “Ordinary” to “ Extraordinary!”

“…As it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 COR 2: 9, NKJV

Yet, we can’t get there without hearing His voice. It won’t happen unless we are willing to move. It will cost us turning our backs on those unwilling to budge out of their satisfaction with the comfortable. We have got to move . This is where faith is born—on the precipice of the unknown; and, faith moves with the fuel of passion to have everything God has prepared for us and our families.

We have entered a brand New Year, and you have hopefully joined the Schambach Foundation team in prayer and fasting. (If you have not done so yet, please let me know you are joining us this month by turning over a meal each day, or setting aside some specific days for prayer and fasting.)

Today, I want to encourage you, to press in to hear the voice of God as never before. Ask God for a “faith-lift” this year. Express your heart to move forward in your faith, trusting Him for an increase of extraordinary faith and extraordinary results in prayer. Here are a few things you can begin to set your faith for :

1) One by one, every family member restored to right relationship
with God.
2) The answer for every health issue , as we do what is right with
our bodies, we trust God for what we cannot do.
3) A change in our finances —tithing, saving, less spending, more
giving, coming out of debt. Again, as we do what we know
to do, we will expect God to do the extraordinary!
4) Increase in souls won to the Lord; increase in spiritual impact;
increase of miracles, signs and wonders!

You and I both know, these are things that take action on our part—first prayer, secondly—ordering our days according to His Word. I f we want extraordinary answers to prayer, we are going to have an extraordinary prayer life. We will have an extraordinary Bible life. Then, we will move when He says move, praising Him as we go.

This is my prayer for you and your family this year. I want to see you excelling in the things of God. I want to watch you soar! I desire that we, as Schambach Ministries partners, take more ground for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together, we can move toward the extraordinary!

Will you join me in prayer and fasting this month? I am praying for you. And, I want to challenge you this year, to recommit to a monthly ministry gift. I know you have the heart to give. You may have been going through great financial distress and difficulty. I believe, though, when you seek the Lord about what to give every month, HE will help you fulfill.

And, if you are one who can sow $300 or more, I will send you a new translation that so many of my minister friends are enjoying, The Passion Translation New Testament (Large Print) Brown: With Psalms, Proverbs and Song of Songs, in imitation leather. This is not the entire Bible, as the Old Testament is still be translated, but it is a beautiful translation that will so encourage your faith walk!

Your giving this month will help me go to Chihuahua, Mexico, for a great soul-winning crusade! I am so looking forward to the extraordinary things God will accomplish through us in just a few short weeks !

Thank you so much for all you are to me and the ministry. Several of you sent cards and special messages for Christmas. The notes I read touched my heart deeply. You cannot know how wonderful it is to have real friends who love the work we do for Jesus, and send us words and gifts of support!
I cherish you with my heart.

Expecting the extraordinary for you!



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