A Pastoral Letter in a Time of Pandemic
from the United Church of Christ
Remember that we are a Christmas people, and that Jesus is incarnated in every act of love and kindness we extend to one another. 

Remember that we are an Easter people and we know that God can reach us beyond all the barriers the world can create.
Remember that we are a Pentecost people who know that the Holy Spirit can revive us and who will be our strength in times of great distress. 

We can do this. We are the Church, the body of the risen Christ. 
Online Faith and Film - "Come Sunday"
Tonight, Friday, March 27
6:30 pm
You Will Need access to Netflix at home to view the film! 
Sunday, March 29, 10:00 am
5th Sunday Circle - Online via Zoom
" Be Not Afraid? Are You Serious, Jesus?"
  A Mini Sermon on Fear from Nadia Bolz-Weber
Please note: While we typically do not gather for worship on fifth Sundays, given what is happening in the world, we WILL gather for online Sunday Circle. We will not be making sandwiches for outdoor church. Other arrangements have been made for food for the Outdoor Church community.

In this text from Luke, Jesus has set his face to his Passion, continues to teach along the way of the Kin-dom, is warned that Herod wants to do away with him, and his response is pretty bold! Jesus knows Herod wants to kill him and yet he keeps his face set to Jerusalem - and the work laid out in front of him.

So how - Jesus - can we, who are so afraid - possibly keep showing up and setting our faces to our future? You tell us to "be not afraid", but seriously, Jesus - that is not enough to make us not afraid! So how do we be right now? How!?!
Prayer for the Fifth Sunday in Lent:
ο»Ώ Covenant God, may we find ourselves trusting you when the evidence tells us otherwise. May we find ourselves following you when the world says not to. May we find ourselves living with the impossible when everything else says we can’t. May we hear the promise in our souls, and live it in our world. Amen.
Lunch OnLine - Prayer & Contemplation
Tuesday, March 31 | Friday, April 3
@ 12 pm
Join Rev. Wendy for a conversation during this time of physical distancing, get online with Sanctuary to connect with/make new friends, enjoy some lunch, and check on your heart and soul space! We will talk and pray and inspire each other. Be apart of the group with Rev. Wendy and members of the Leadership Circle - everybody needs a little sanctuary.
Animate Practices Series
Beginning Wednesday, April 01 @ 6:30 pm
Thought-provoking perspectives from contemporary, progressive theologian/though leaders that beckon deep discussions. Video Presentations will intersect with hands-on experiences of the faith practices.
Seven Weeks: prayer, food, worship, sacraments, money, service, and community.

Join Sanctuary and Hillside online via zoom.
A Few Reminders!
Our micro pantry is open and needed more than ever!
Please donate if you have the capacity during this time to help our neighbors!
For any further information on the virus, events, or how we can still be Sanctuary for ourselves and others, please check out the website:
Sanctuary United Church of Christ  
458 High Street, Medford, MA 02155 β€’ (781) 395–3360