Sanctuary & Hillside Worship Series
"STAYCATION: A Summer Spirituality and Sermon Series"
Has the pandemic quashed your big summer vacation travel plans? What better time to opt for a staycation!

Sanctuary and Hillside offer this six-week summer sermon series to boost your spirit and remind you that our mission to love God and love people doesn’t require travel at all. In fact, in times like these, maybe the greatest love one can give is to our own community!

Our Staycation series explores ways we can love and serve others right where we are; and how to view life’s interruptions as opportunities just like Jesus did. 
Sunday Worship - August 16 @ 10:30 am
"Seeing and Serving"
 Jesus responded to the most vulnerable in society, even when they made others uncomfortable. Called by Jesus to love and serve ALL - we must pay special attention to those who have been marginalized, are hurting, and are disabled. The uncertainty and instability of this season of staycation gives us a unique opportunity to serve our community with Jesus-level compassion, empathy, and hope. 
Prayer for This Sunday:
Mighty God, we pray for all those whose lives are governed by fear — of failure, pain, illness, loss and the fears we lay before you now, aloud or silently. God of mercy, hear our prayer.

Holy God, we pray for all those who seek reconciliation — with a family member, a friend, a coworker and any we name before you now, aloud or silently. God of hope, hear our prayer.

Loving God, we pray for those ill in body, mind or spirit, especially those we name before you now, aloud or silently. God of compassion, hear our prayer.

Merciful God, we pray for all those living in anger — in naming those things that make us angry before you now, aloud or silently, may the anger be released. God of grace, hear our prayer.

Holy God, we lift all the concerns of our hearts and minds and ask you to renew, strengthen and restore us. We pray in the name of your Son, our Lord. Amen.
Sunday Online Schedule
9:45 - 10:15 am - Guided Meditation w/ Sarah D
10:15 am - Gathering Time (say hello and get settled in)
10:30 am - Family Worship (children, reflections, music, prayers)
11:30 am - Virtual Coffee Hour (small group conversation)
Announcements - Mission & Service
City of Medford Housing Survey
The City of Medford is conducting a housing survey to learn about the community’s needs, especially its affordable housing needs. The information will shape the City of Medford’s housing production plan and guide its actions for the next few years.

Many of the survey respondents so far are white homeowners, and we need to hear from more people who have other perspectives and needs, such as renters, people of color, and low-income households. We want to make sure voices of the most vulnerable are properly represented.

You are welcome to fill out the survey below. Note that you do not need to live in Medford since housing challenges affect the whole region.


Join Us Today, Friday, August 14 (4 to 6 pm);
Every Friday through the season.
First Come/First Served - Mask Required!
Through a generous donation and partnership with The Plough & Stars Project - Sanctuary's Micropantry Mission is able to offer farm fresh vegetables.

Black History / Black Lives Matter
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Prayer, Meditation, and Reflection
Tuesday, August 18 | Friday, August 21
Drop-In Lunch On-Line @ 12 pm
Join Rev. Wendy for prayer, meditation and reflection - check on your heart and soul space!
Everybody needs a little sanctuary.
especially now!
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Micro pantries around the city are open and needed more than ever!
Please donate if you have the capacity during this time to help our neighbors!
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