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Welcome to Promise Helpers' July 2021 newsletter. July is the month we celebrate our country's birth; our Declaration of Independence was signed 245 years ago. Our forefathers were seeking freedom in many areas, and ironically we seem to be reverting back to what our forefathers were fighting against. We are headed for a new frontier in our Land of the Free. Now more than ever, Christians need to stand and make their voices heard. We encourage you to learn all that our current leaders are attempting to change and contact our State and U.S. representatives; become active in preserving our country and let your light shine for Christ. 

If at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our July newsletter:

  • Destination 6.21 Girls' Camp Wrap-up Report by Debbie Barber
  • Article "History Equals His Glory" by Karla Maxwell
  • Video "The Star Spangled Banner as You've Never Heard It"
  • What's Happening in Your Area?
  • Our Contact Information
Destination 6.21: Liked Wrap-up Reports
From Debbie Barber: Destination 6.21: Liked is now part of our history. What an amazing weekend we had! Many thanks to everyone who helped either behind the scenes or at the camp. And thank you to those who contributed to scholarships for the girls, and to those who prayed for us. We had 25 girls, which is the largest teen camp we have ever had! It was wonderful in so many ways. 
Felicia and Raymond Inman who lead worship at our ladies’ retreats came and led worship for the girls with the help of Becca Reeder and one of the young women, Mya Lacey. Several other girls joined the worship team as the weekend progressed. It was such fun to watch as the girls became more and more free in their worship. Some went from not even singing to raising their hands by the time the weekend was over! 
Cheryl Turner worked the crafts room and she and her crafts were a very big hit with the girls. They worked on the crafts but they also opened up and talked to the other girls and allowed Cheryl to minister to them.
Alyssa Wheeler, Becca Reeder, Ashley Kelley and Toni Moore spent many hours interacting with the girls and showing them love! The girls simply soaked it up.
Stephanie Stockard ran the kitchen for us with the able help of Connie Kirkham, Toni Moore and Jim Barber. The food was delicious and served with such love!
Jim Barber spoke on Friday night about not feeling loved and then he stood in place for all the men who had wounded the girls in the past and asked for forgiveness on behalf of these men, going down a list of the many types of hurts that might have been inflicted upon the girls. He has done this talk at past Destination camps and it never fails to really move the girls (and the leaders!). At the end of his talk, he gave a big daddy/granddaddy hug to all who wanted a hug. Several girls told us they were able to forgive men in their lives because of this. We also had a couple of comments from girls that it really made a difference to them to see Jim and Raymond there. They saw that there are healthy, Christian men out there. I think it gave them hope they could find a future strong Christian man to marry one day.
We asked the girls to fill out a critique on Sunday and some of the comments we got were almost heart-breaking but so fulfilling. For example, to the question, “Would you come back next year?”, one girl answered,” Of course I would because this camp is the only camp that has treated me amazing and I felt loved here.” Later in the critique, when asked what God did in her life this weekend, she responded, “God showed me that He is real. A couple of months ago I asked the Lord to ask someone to tell me that they loved me. A bunch of people told me that they loved me. One girl said the retreat made her like hugs a little better! And that the camp was life changing. Others said they loved making new friends and that they loved having the leaders pray for them. And that they now felt closer to God after the camp.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Promise Helpers, the ministry you are a part of, truly made an impact on these young women. Several of the older ones even plan to come to our ladies’ retreat in October.
We will again be having our Destination girls’ camp next June, so get those girls you know lined up and ready to go!!

From Connie Kirkham: Greetings to all!! I am not sure how July got here so quick! Praying everyone is having a wonderful summer!!

Our girls retreat in June was amazing!! We were privileged to get to be with 25 beautiful, kind, and loving girls! And 11 awesome leaders!!
Great fun...great book study “ Liked“ by Kari Kampakis... awesome praise and worship... testimony time... games... crafts... food... basketball... fire pit... s’mores and MORE!!!

We had about 12 rededications and salvations and a lot of girls received help with hurts and disappointments! The Lord was so good to us ! Thanks to everyone who had a part in the retreat! Especially to you parents who entrusted us with your precious girls!

Have a blessed rest of your summer!!
Promise Helpers
Connie Kirkham
History Equals His Glory
by Karla Maxwell
Do you remember your 11th grade History teacher? I remember mine. His name was Mr. Scrivens, a very quiet unassuming man, knowledgeable but nothing out of the ordinary in his teaching style. I must admit I did not enjoy reading History nor did I pay much attention to Mr. Scrivens' lectures, a fact I now regret. But the one thing I do remember was a bulletin board he had on the wall with
"His-story" spelled out in those decorative bulletin board letters with a blue paper background covering the board. Thirty-seven years have passed since my time in Mr. Scriven's history class and I cannot tell you much about it, but I remember his bulletin board.

How true that bulletin board word phrase is. History truly is His Story, God's story, even before history began. God has always existed but He started making history when He created the Universe. Why did He create the Universe? For His glory. So you could say His-story is His Glory.

His story has a wide expanse, an expanse of eternity beginning with His spoken word to create light and creating mankind with His hands and His own breath, His story will continue forever. He was there when our forefathers fought for our freedom, and He is here with us now.
We all have a part in His story within the short time we are on this earth. And the best part of His story is He wants us to be a part of it. Every day that we are here adds to His story. That is exciting! The Creator of everything longs for us to be a part of His story. Each piece of history we add to His story is considered of equal importance no matter how small it seems to us. The water you give to a thirsty traveler adds just as much to His story as a world-famous evangelist speaking to thousands of people. How is that possible? When we are the hands and feet of Christ, we are adding to His story; His story of love, mercy, and grace.

His story does not end when Christ returns. God's story will continue forever. That is another exciting fact to think over. We as followers of Christ will continue to be a part of His story for all eternity.

We know the outcome of His story because we read about it in the Bible, but only God knows what happens in our future days. We can have peace in knowing that no matter what happens in our future, He is there; our future is part of His story. Basically our future is already history written in His Story.

Mr. Scrivens may never know the impact his simple bulletin board saying may have had on his students, but it was a statement of truth. Perhaps I learned something from his class after all; what true love is. A God that is real and alive and loves all He created. A God that seeks a relationship with each of us. A God that wants all of us to add to His story.

Thank you, Lord, for your Mercy and Grace, for sending your one and only Son to die for us that we may rejoice in your story of Victory.

History = His Story = His Glory

To God Be the Glory

Karla Maxwell
The Star Spangled Banner as you have never heard it.

This video tells the history of The Star Spangles Banner- probably information you have never heard.

(Click in the circle to play)
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