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Welcome to Promise Helpers' April 2021 newsletter.

We hope you had a blessed Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Risen Savior. He is our Rock on which we stand. Are you praising Him in all things and continuing to make 2021 the Year of Praise to the Lord? We love hearing from you, so feel free to click either the "Prayer" button or Facebook link below to tell us all the ways you are praising Him.

If at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our April newsletter:

  • Pursuit 3.21: Hidden Treasures Wrap-up and Photos
  • Registration for Girls' Camp, Destination 6.21: Liked
  • Article "Standing On the Rock, That's How I Roll" by Karla Maxwell
  • Music Video "My Feet Are On the Rock" by I Am They
  • What's Happening In Your Area?
  • Our Contact Information
Oh my goodness! What an amazing weekend we had at our Hidden Treasures retreat! We had 71 beautiful ladies praising and worshiping the Lord with hands lifted and hearts open to the Lord. We learned what specific hidden treasures and spiritual gifts the Lord has given each of us. At least four ladies accepted Christ as their Savior, and seven ladies were baptized in the baptistry of a quaint church across the road from the camp. Felicia and Raymond Inman and the members of their group, Born to Worship, were once again outstanding with the praise and worship music. The weekend came at the same time as Passover and Peggy Boatright explained the meaning of Passover on the day of the Jewish celebration of Passover. We were honored to have Glenda Garrison, the founder of Promise Helpers, as our keynote speaker. The Lord used her anointing to minister to us with her words and her Spirit-led presence. The entire weekend was a treasure in itself.

Start planning now to attend our fall retreat, Pursuit 10.21: Stand Firm. We will be at the same peace-filled location in Glen Rose, October 1st-3rd. Promise Helpers' retreats are better and better with every retreat. This past retreat will be hard to beat, but we know the Lord will top this one as well; He always does! God is so GOOD! His grace is unchanging and cannot be surpassed by anyone.

If you would be interested in helping with Pursuit 10.21, contact Debbie Barber at the email address in our Contact Information below. We can always use help and we promise not to force you to be a speaker!

Below are a few pictures from our outstanding Spirit-driven Hidden Treasures weekend. Enjoy!
"Destination" is what we call our Promise Helpers' girls' camp. We spend four days with girls who have just finished 6th grade through girls who just finished high school. This year's theme is called "Liked"

For girls growing up in a generation saturated with social media, getting enough "likes", comments, and online friends can become an unhealthy obsession.

Based on the book "Liked" by Kari Kampakis, we will apply positive and powerful insights to encourage our girls to apply God's timeless truths in the digital age. We will dive deep into topics of social media, friendships, identity, and faith; and answer those questions that may stir wildly in their mind and heart such as Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I love myself when I feel unlovable?

If you have or know a girl that would benefit from this particular weekend, invite her to join us. We will have tons of fun getting to know each other, and finding out what the Truth says about us. The world is full of lies. Promise Helpers' Destination camp is a powerful resource for young girls going through these difficult, vulnerable years and adds to a firm foundation for them to stand on. Register through Promise Helpers' website or clicking the "Register Now" button below.

June 10th-13th, 2021
Tri-Rivers Retreat Center
950 CR 227
Hico, TX 76457

$65 includes all meals, lodging, and bedding
Scholarships are available - just ask!
Standing On the Rock, That's How I Roll
by Karla Maxwell
"Standing on the Rock". We have all heard that phrase with the rock referring to the Word of God and His abundant promises; we should stand firm and steady on the Rock. Our mind gives us the exemplary image of us standing firm on a rock, steady on the ground, giving us comfort and peace as we stand still...
There is another rock we are familiar with, and that is the rock that rolled away from Jesus' tomb after his resurrection. We have seen pictures of tomb rocks; tall, flat, heavy, but can be moved; probably not accurate in reality, but it works for having a visual picture of ancient tombs, especially for Jesus' resurrection story. Imagine, if you will, yourself standing on the rock that rolled away from Jesus' tomb. There are several things to think about when standing on the rock that rolled.
First, a rolling rock moves. When you are on a moving rock you cannot sit; you must stand. If you sit you will fall off and be crushed; symbolically, crushed by the enemy.
Secondly, you cannot just stand on a moving rock. You must move with it or you will once again fall off and be crushed. Your feet must keep moving in order to stay on top of the rock and go in the direction of the rock.
A third aspect of standing on a moving rock is you have to balance yourself. You cannot lean to the left or lean to the right, but must stay focused on the center, looking straight ahead. If you take your eyes off the center you will.... fall off and could be crushed or at least mangled and hurt.
How do we stay on the rolling rock without falling off and being crushed? We focus on the Lord by reading His Word, praising Him and thanking Him for his goodness and mercy. We worship Him in all things, especially in the rough times. He fights our battles. Holy Spirit is our guide on the rolling rock. He takes us where we need to go. We just need to trust Him by standing on the Rock.
Whether you see yourself standing on a stationery rock or a rolling rock, how big is your rock? Is it the size of a pebble or larger than Mt. Everest? Where do you put your trust and faith? Do you have different rocks (a friend or spouse) you stand on for certain things, or do you have one solid Rock who you trust completely, who will never leave you?
The Lord wants us to be standing and moving with Him, balanced, fearless. But there are times He wants us to "be still and know that He is God." Either moving or being still, stand on the Rock.
To God be the Glory,
Karla Maxwell
Music Video "My Feet Are On the Rock"
by I Am They
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Promise Helpers is a non-profit Christian ministry for women that seeks to help women experience the fullness of God’s purpose and promises for them. Our desire is to bring women to a place of personal wholeness so they can bring wholeness to their marriages, homes, families and communities. Promise Helpers is women ministering to women, reminding one another of the promises of God and encouraging one another to implement those promises into their daily lives. The foundation of Promise Helpers is prayer, for apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing.