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The Difference a Year Makes for Homeownership

Over the past year, mortgage rates have fallen more than a full percentage point, hitting a new historic low 15 times. This is a great driver for homeownership, as today’s low rates provide consumers with some significant benefits. Here’s a look at three of them.
1. Move-up or Downsize: One option is to consider moving into a new home, putting the equity you’ve likely gained in your current house toward a down payment on a new one that better meets your needs – something that’s truly a perfect fit, especially if your lifestyle has changed this year.
2. Become a First-Time Homebuyer: There are many financial and non-financial benefits to owning a home, and the most important thing is to first decide when the time is right for you. You have to determine that on your own, but know that now is a great time to buy if you’re considering it. Just take a look at the cost of renting vs. buying.
3. Refinance: If you already own a home, you may decide you’re going to refinance. It’s one way to lock in a lower monthly payment and save more over time. However, it also means paying upfront closing costs, too. If you want to take this route, you have to answer the question: Should I refinance my home?
Why 2020 Was a Great Year for Homeownership
Last year, the average mortgage rate was 3.93% (substantially higher than it is today). If you waited for a better time to make a move, market conditions have improved significantly. Today’s low mortgage rates are a huge perk for buyers, so it’s a great time to get more for your money and consider a new home.
The chart below shows how much you would save per month based on today’s rates compared to what you would have paid if you purchased a home exactly one year ago, depending on how much you finance:
Bottom Line
If you’ve been waiting since last year to make your move into homeownership or to find a house that better meets your needs, today’s low mortgage rates may be just what you need to get the process going. Let’s connect today to discuss how you may benefit from the current rates.

Three Expert Views on the
2021 Housing Market
The housing market was a shining star in 2020, fueling the economic turnaround throughout the country. As we look forward to 2021, can we expect real estate to continue showing such promise? Here’s what 3 experts have to say about the year ahead.
“In 2021, I think rates will be similar or modestly higher, maybe 3%…So, mortgage rates will continue to be historically favorable.”
“We expect sales to grow 7 percent and prices to rise another 5.7 percent on top of 2020’s already high levels.”
“Mortgage rates are expected to remain low for the foreseeable future and millennials will continue forming households, keeping demand robust, even if income growth moderates. Despite the best intentions of home builders to provide more housing supply, the big short in housing supply will continue into 2021 and likely keep house price appreciation flying high.”
Bottom Line: Whether you’re ready to buy or sell a home in 2021, if you’re planning to take advantage of the market this winter, let’s connect to talk about the opportunities available in our local market.

New Build
Congratulations to
Tom & Siobhan
and welcome to California!
If anyone is interested in view New Builds, please call me before you tour the models.
I need to be with you so
 I can sign you in.
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2 Stunning Cottages located in the heart of Pacific Beach, and just blocks from the beach and Mission Bay!
Both 1 Bed and 1 Bath.
Please contact me for more information.

Vendor Referral of the Month

They make food you know and love with truly natural ingredients. They believe real food and the way we feel have a direction connection, and that life is too short not to feel GOOD.
Please call to order and have it delivered.

Please support our local Restaurants.
Decorating Tip of the Month!
If you are considering buying or selling in the new year, we expect robust economic growth to take place, historically low interest rates to continue, home sales to increase by at least 10% and average national sales prices to rise approximately 8%. It’s a great time to make a move, and we’d love to help.
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