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With fall transitioning into winter and coronavirus cases on the rise, I am paying close attention to how these changes may affect the real estate industry.
Off Market surprise sale!
Through networking and chatting with friends in the field, I managed to find this gem for my Clients. The joy of this is that it worked out for both parties.

So glad we could make it happen!
4 Reasons Why the Election Won’t Dampen the Housing Market

1. Demand Is Strong among Millennials
Wall Street Journal recently reported: “Millennials, long viewed as perennial home renters who were reluctant or unable to buy, are now emerging as a driving force in the U.S. housing market’s recent recovery.”
2. Mortgage Rates Are Historically Low
All-time low interest rates are forecast by Freddie Mac to remain low through next year: From the third quarter of 2020 through the end of 2021, we forecast mortgage rates to remain unchanged at 3%.”
3. Prices Continue to Appreciate
The continued lack of supply of existing homes for sale coupled with the surge in buyer demand has experts forecasting strong price appreciation over the next twelve months.
4. History Says So
Though it’s true that the market slows slightly in November when it’s a Presidential election year, the pace returns quickly.
Bottom Line
 Matthew Speakman, an economist at Zillowexplained last week: “While the path of the overall economy is likely to be most directly dictated by coronavirus-related and political developments in the coming months, recent trends suggest that the housing market – which has basically withstood every pandemic-related challenge to this point – will continue its strong momentum in the months to come.”

Listing price $1,365,000
SOLD $1,401,000
With multiple offers.

San Diego home prices increasing 3rd-fastest in nation

Home prices in America’s Finest City increased at a level not seen in two years
Yearly increase by metropolitan area
Phoenix: 9.9 percent
Seattle: 8.5 percent
San Diego: 7.6 percent
Cleveland: 6.9 percent
Tampa: 6.9 percent
Los Angeles: 6.8 percent
Charlotte: 6.7 percent
Portland: 6.2 percent
Minneapolis: 5.8 percent
Boston: 5.7 percent

Permit Ready ADU Program
If you live in Encinitas and want an Additional Dwelling Unit, call Encinitas City and find out about the permit ready plans.
Permit-Ready Accessory Dwelling Unit (PRADU) Program
The PRADU Program encourages the construction of ADUs by offering property owners a selection of pre-approved ADU building plans that can be downloaded from this page. The permit-ready plans include customizable options to allow for variations in exterior materials and door and window fenestrations to express individual owners’ tastes and respect community character. The program assists property owners in creating ADUs by providing customizable plans, expediting the process, and reducing preconstruction fees. The program also helps the city meet strategic plan goals by providing diverse housing options throughout the city.

Vendor Referral of the Month

Geoff or Angel

Geoff is great, he's reasonable, honest and hardworking. What more could you want. Give him a call, he's busy but he will call you back! I would recommend him over any other roofing company.
Decorating Tip of the Month!
How to hang a painting correctly!

Getting the height and balance right like a pro.
As always, if you have questions about the market, or if you or someone you know is thinking of making a change, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and stay safe.