May 24, 2019

Last year around this time, we were told that a significant amount of funding would not be available to us in the future. While this was bad news for ACES and caused many of us wonder about ACES future, we never lost heart. We were hopeful and confident that our community would step up and help this vital community program continue. We are happy to say that Bigfork DID step up and we ARE supported. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the many donors, sponsors and volunteers that make ACES what it is.

SECURITY- We are happy to announce that we will be partnering with Federal Protection to install a security system, monitoring cameras and access to security personnel during operating hours. We feel that the most important part of ACES is the safety of your children and we are going to the next level to assure your children are well taken care of and in case of an emergency we have a solid plan in place. Please keep your pick-up information current so we know who is acceptable to pick up your children.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR US? We are happy to announce that we will be embarking on a capital building campaign to purchase, renovate and expand the current ACES location. We are excited to take ACES to the next level and continue to serve the community of Bigfork. If you would like more information or want become involved in our Capital Campaign, please track me down. This is an exciting time!
 ACES Last Day for the school year is Friday, May 31
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For a BBQ @ 4:00pm
Girl Scout Award Ceremony
@ 5:00pm
Summer Camp Registration closes June 5
Camps start June 10!
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Check out all of the fun stuff we have been doing!
Some of us made beautiful projects in arts and crafts. We also built and created with our impressive LEGO collection, and learned about electric circuits. A few of us helped make ACES a better place by doing Community Service, such as cleaning the yard, washing windows and organizing books, toys and supplies. Believe it or not, the kids loved it. Some of us also baked oatmeal cookies, tried a few different play dough recipes, and made paper mache moon lamps!
There is never a dull moment at ACES!
At ACES, we serve healthy snacks and dinners in accordance with Child Adult Care Food Program guidelines.
Dinner is at 3:45 pm; Snack is at 5 pm.

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