I hope this email finds you well as we navigate this COVID-19 virus situation.

Most of you may not know me but my name is Dana. Julie, Doug Hutchison and their family are good friends of ours.  I was introduced to the foundation through my partner Deb Sheppard who emcees their gala each spring and we are loyal supporters of the foundation and the Hutchison’s.  I have been assisting The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation for a couple of years now.  

I wanted to share a wonderful story with you, so I have “taken over” (with a bit of permission) the foundation email and social media pages to share this story.  

Julie has no idea what I was going to share but I am thankful she trusts me. 

Most of you receiving this email know that CHF was founded after the Hutchison’s lost their beloved Chelsea in 2009.  She is vibrant, full of life and light, enigmatic and such a beautiful soul.  She brings people together and lights up a room when she enters.  I talk of her in the present tense because she is still with us!  Every year at STOMP when the weather challenges us Chelsea steps in and brings us blue skies.  She is at every Gala supporting us.  She is at every Bingo helping to make it successful.  She is very present in our lives.  I never knew Chelsea in life, but I sure feel her spirit and love surrounding us and adding her support.  

At the beginning of this year Julie was contacted by producers at Fox 31 Denver/Channel 2 Denver to inform her that she was nominated by several people in her community for Denver’s Most Remarkable Woman.  Now, we know that Julie does not like to promote herself, she focuses on the foundation and what can be done to help those in need.  She is very humble and does not like to talk about herself…EVER.  I was not surprised when she told us about the nomination and shared that she was in shock to be considered for this honor.  With tears and genuine humility, she expressed how grateful she was for the opportunity to have the foundation shared across Colorado and possibly the country.  

On March 6 th  Julie appeared on the news station as a finalist where they announced during a LIVE broadcast that she won Denver’s Most Remarkable Woman!  She has always been and will always be REMARKABLE to those lives she has touched but now we get to share that with the rest of the world too.  

I wanted to share the video that Channel 2/Fox 31 created about the Foundation and Julie.  Chelsea and her story are so important to how awareness is being brought to SUDEP. 

Julie was scheduled to go to New York, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of the plans that were in place.  She is being considered for the nationwide 2020 Woman of the Year Award, but this has been postponed until May.  Regardless of the result, in our opinion, Julie has already won!  We are so proud of you and proud to be a part of your journey. 

Will you share this story with your friends and help us congratulate Julie and the foundation? Send her a quick note here, she will get it. Maybe share this email with friends or post the video on your social media.

Also, you are so appreciated! Stay safe and healthy.

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