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Join Chef Patrizia for Fun,
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Choose from any of our suggested cooking dishes or baking treats.
You may also craft your own menu with Chef Patrizia.

These virtual classes and demonstrations are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate birthdays, kid playdates, happy hour between friends, graduations, or any special day really.
Chef Patrizia will demonstrate how to prepare the recipe while you and your guests prepare the same recipe, or just participate in the demo by watching, asking questions and having tons of fun (virtually)......
Cost: $15 per person/ minimum 10 people
To book a party, email or call:
Children and adult cooking classes, live and online in our state of the art instructional kitchen, “Cucina Colavita”. Learn basics to advanced skills; Seasonal, regional, & holiday cooking and baking; Choose from group or private classes; Corporate team-building; Craft your own birthday or special occasion menu.
Here are some examples of recipes to choose from:
Italian Street Food
Pane e Panelle is a popular street food typically found in Palermo, Sicily. These crispy little bites are exceptionally delicious served in a panino (roll) with a little salt and some freshly ground pepper. They’re also vegan!
Pizza with a
Nutella Heart
We all know that Nutella has an authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa and its unique creaminess intensifies the flavor. Pair that with a crispy dough and the result is an explosion of deliciousness!
Fettuccine alla Bolognese
Great times start in the kitchen. Grab someone you love and learn how to create a complete meal in one pot. Prepare a signature dish of Bologna that starts with a hearty meat ragù served over tasty egg pasta!
Italian Chocolate Biscotti with Jam (Occhi di Bue)
Occhio di Bue, which means bulls-eye in Italian, is just what these delicious treats look like. Two round or heart-shaped buttery biscotti, filled with sweet jam or Nutella, then dipped in rich chocolate. Simple and heavenly at the same time!!
Antipasto Caponata
Try your hand at this sweet and sour Sicilian dish that is a delicious appetizer and a sure crowd pleaser. It’s a combination of a cooked vegetable salad made from chopped fried eggplant and celery seasoned with sweetened vinegar and capers.
Bocconcini di Pollo 
Chicken nuggets any Nonna or mother would be proud to serve their kids (or eat themselves).  No artificial ingredients!  As Nonna would say: The best chicken nuggets are the ones you make yourself!  
Sweet and Savory Crepes  
Whether you are planning a brunch, a light dinner, or a dessert, crepes are an easy and versatile choice. This crepe recipe can be used for making sweet or savory crepes. While a crepe pan does make flipping crepes easier, it's not required. In fact, making  crepes  is easier than making  pancakes . Get creative with your crepe fillings and toppings—the possibilities are endless.
Cassatine di Ricotta (Sicilian dessert)
Direct from Trapani, Sicily, these little crescents of dough are filled with a ricotta with a touch of sweetness and chocolate chips. They are traditionally deep-fried but can also be baked! Sprinkle them with powdered sugar as a final touch. A tender, delightful dessert to complement any meal or enjoy with an afternoon espresso.
SUMMER GNOCCHI with zucchini cream and crispy pancetta
A seasonal favorite highlighting an Italian summertime staple, zucchini! Whether from your garden or your favorite produce stand, zucchini are crisp and bountiful.  This fresh pasta dish can be served as a first course or as your main attraction. The delicate flavor of the zucchini is paired with a strong, distinct taste of the crispy bacon… A delightful balance of flavors and texture. 
To book a party, email or call:
The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere
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