Dear Friend,

During the last year we kept busy...creating and designing new jewelry pieces which we would now like to share with you... Here is a sampling of the "stars" in our vast Collection of Sculpted Jewelry and Accessories!

Happy Summer!

Our designs in Palm Beach, Florida, are available at Jennifer Garrigues, Inc.

The Jewel in the Crown...

Our necklace in Sterling Silver shows a beautiful 15.8 "Mali Green Garnet" in all its splendor and
nested in an 18 KT Gold basket reflecting its color on the Sterling Silver freeform flower.
The "Leaves" Chain is in Sterling Silver.
A one-of-a-kind necklace to be worn... night and day...

Inquiries at
"Twig" bracelet in Sterling Silver with diamond clusters... to be worn night and day...

One of A Kind Freshwater Pearl encircled by an 18KT ring in our beautiful "Dahlia" Flower Pendant/Necklace...

"Swirl" Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Pave Diamond Clusters.

"Leaves" Sapphire and Onyx Necklace with "Leaves" Earrings in Sterling Silver.

"Orchid" and Grey "Pearl" Earrings... to dazzle...night and day.

A Collection of (long) Freshwater Pearl Necklaces with Sterling Silver accents. The "Robin" is the star...including the earrings.

"Pink Panthers" Silk Shawl (54 in. x 54in.) to wrap yourself in those air conditioned salons...night and day!

Multiple styles of rings in Sterling Silver to adorn your hands...


A few (of many) of our favorite things at Jennifer Garrigues, Inc.
Palm Beach, Florida.