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Enjoy the Last Few Days of Summer!

Labor Day
Sept 6
Scratch9 Artist Signing Saturday 9/11
Have you seen this cat? Because he is awesome!

Scratch has the ability to summon any of his nine lives. Now he must use his new powers to save his pet friends from the C.R.U.E.L. Corporation's robot minions. Good thing his first life was as a sabretooth tiger!

Jason T. Kruse will be signing copies of Scratch9 at Friendly Neighborhood Comics on September 11, 2010, from 10am - 2pm!

Special guests will be The Purr-fect Cat Shelter, a non-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer organization.

Bonus: We'll also have a limited number of the second Scratch9 trading card prototype. There are only 50 of these in existence and we'll be giving them away to anyone who makes a donation to the Purr-fect Cat Shelter!

Stop by and get your autograph copy of Scratch9, and maybe you'll meet your new best buddy beast there!

Scratch9 #1
$1 Sale Continues This Saturday!

Weather permitting, we'll have another sidewalk sale this Saturday! Tables will be set up at 9am and we'll run until approx 5pm.

There will be more NEW $1.00 boxes with a wide selection of Marvel, DC and many smaller publishers!

Half-price variants! $5 Manga! $5 Action Figures!
Stuff of Legend: The Jungle # 2
Trapped inside the ruins of a mysterious structure, Max, Jester, Percy, and the rest fight for their lives against the overpowering might of the Boogeyman's army, but could there be something roaming The Dark is that is even more dangerous?
Web of Spider-man HeroClix
Web of Spider-man HeroClix

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man returns in the first Marvel HeroClix set focused on Marvel's most popular character!

Marvel HeroClix: The Web of Spider-Man features 64 new collectible HeroClix figures (56 new sculpts!), including characters from throughout Spider-Man's career. Plus look for characters from Marvel's Dark Reign and Siege events - is Norman Osborne a protector or destroyer?

And the Buy it by the Brick rewards program features the exclusive Spider-Man: First Appearance HeroClix figure, which re-creates the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15! So slap on your web-shooters and get wall-crawling today!

Boosters will be available Wednesday!
X-Men Curse of the Mutants


In a desperate bid to fend off an endless horde of vampires, the X-Men do the unthinkable: They resurrect Dracula. Will the former Lord of the Vampires go along with Cyclops' scheme to take down Dracula's upstart son, Xarus?

Meanwhile, Wolverine sets off to rescue Jubilee, unaware of the chilling transformation she has undergone. To attempt to free his former teammate, Wolverine must embark down his darkest path yet.

Preview X-Men 3 Here!
Daredevil Shadowland


As New York City crumbles under the weight of Matt Murdock's new order, his former friends and allies struggle just to hold their lives and world together. But as the pressure builds, Foggy Nelson will make an alliance no one saw coming - while Black Tarantula takes a stand against Daredevil - and learns the consequences of crossing the Man without Fear.

Preview DAREDEVIL # 510 Here
Batman Must Die - Again?
"Batman Must Die!" part 2 of 3

In "Batman Must Die!" part 2 of 3, one of our heroes lies near death!

Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne enter the ultimate, blood-soaked battle against two foes who almost destroyed the original Batman. Are the new Dynamic Duo up to this final confrontation with absolute evil? If they can't truly bond as a team, they're dead!


Preview Batman and Robin # 14 Here!
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