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"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"
- Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Sept 20

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WALKING DEAD "Soon to be on tv"

Walking Dead - Coming Soon to AMC!
Walking Dead
AMC has greenlit The Walking Dead as a six-episode series based on the comic book written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The Walking Dead tells the story of life following a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, traveling in search of a safe and secure home.

View The Walking Dead Trailer Here!

Walking Dead premieres Halloween night at 10 pm! Attend our Viewing Party at FNC that night! We'll have food, special sales and more!

We have all The Walking Dead trade paperbacks in stock!

New This Week: The Walking Dead # 77

No one can be trusted. Critically acclaimed, fan-favorite The Walking Dead depicts the harrowing aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes, a small-town police officer from Cynthiana, Kentucky, woke from a coma to find the world he knew was gone, and zombies dominated the earth. Now he and his young son struggle to survive, battling "roamers," cannibals, starvation . . . and his fellow humans. Harrowing, unpredictable, and emotionally devastating, The Walking Dead is THE zombie series of the 21st Century.

Preview Walking Dead # 77 Here!
Walking Dead # 77
Walking Dead # 77


FF # 583
Fantastic Four # 583

Now joined by artist Steve Epting (CAPTAIN AMERICa) , Jonathan Hickman's tenure on FANTASTIC FOUR hits critical mass with "THREE", running through FF #583-588.

The War of Four Cities has begun, and when it's run its course, one member of the Fantastic Four will have breathed their last! Change is in the air as the World's Greatest Comic Magazine lives up to its motto! While the Fantastic Four have to deal with an uprising in the Forever City of the High Evolutionary, back home in the Baxter Building Val finds her father's Bridge machine and learns the Cost of Solving Everything.

It's the return of Doctor Doom and the debut of superstar artist Steve Epting in THREE, part 1: 'In Lateveria, the Flowers Bloom in Winter.

Preview FF # 583 Here!
Daredevil Shadowland


Shadowland: Moon Knight # 2

Daredevil, the former defender of Hell's Kitchen turned leader of the ninja death cult known as the Hand, has summoned the villainous Profile to take Moon Knight out of the picture for good. And to do it, the Profile enlists the aid of a mysterious figure, a second avatar of Khonshu! Has Khonshu finally decided to replace Moon Knight? And if so, what hope does Moon Knight have of saving Daredevil and himself from the darkness of Shadowland?

Preview Shadowland: Moon Knight # 2 Here!

Shadowland: Daughters of the Dragon # 2

When Matt Murdock offered Colleen Wing the truth about her mother's death, she knew there would be a price to pay. But the last thing Wing expected was to be made a lieutenant in his Shadowland in charge of the savage army of female assassins called the Nail. Just how far will Colleen go to slake the devil's bloodlust...and what will her former allies say about her dark alliance?!

Preview Shadowland: Daughters of the Dragon # 2 Here!

Mickey Mouse # 300

Almost 70 years in the making! Don't miss this blockbuster 300th issue as the seminal fan-favorite series returns with an unforgettable line-up of stories!

First, mouse mischief multiplies when a cloning experiment goes wrong in a tale we could only call '300 Mickeys!'

Then, experience the classic Floyd Gottfredson tale, 'Dan the Dogcatcher', in its first wide U.S. release since 1932 - and in its original layout!

Available in two versions: the Regular version featuring a cover by Disney modern master, Casty; or the Deluxe version, with a special cover surprise by Disney Comics legend, Daan Jippes!

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