Nebraskans for Solar Presentation: “Solar Power for Farms, Homes, and Businesses”

A Nebraska Earth Day Passport Event
April 20, 2021 - 7:00 to 8:30 pm
Residential Project: GenPro
Energy Solutions
Solar-Powered Irrigation System:
Solar Heat & Electric
Please join us on Zoom for our special Earth Month event to learn about solar options for your farm, home, or business. Our guest speakers will be Jeff Berggren and Michael Shonka. All Nebraska solar installers are also invited to attend this event and contribute to the Q&A and discussion following their presentations.
Jeff Berggren manages GenPro Energy Solutions projects in Nebraska from the company’s office in Central City.
Michael Shonka is owner of Solar Heat and Electric based in Omaha.
Moderator: Leo Arens, Nebraskans for Solar President
Please email your questions to: Leo Arens
Meeting ID: 891 9319 6410
Passcode: 015253
Solar Power World Virtual Roundtable
 "Must-Have Power: Solar + Storage in the
Age of Emergencies"
April 20, 2021 - 1:00 to 2:30 pm

Join Solar Power World and Top Solar Contractors for a live roundtable discussion on the best business practices the installation community has adopted for energy storage systems, large and small. The rise of extreme weather has many homeowners concerned about keeping the lights and refrigerators on through extended power outages. And with more utilities looking at energy storage to improve the resiliency of their grids, the storage market has finally hit its tipping point. Solar installers across all markets will describe how they’ve incorporated batteries into their service offerings along with the important installation considerations that come with storage systems.

Roundtable Participants

  • Brent Bergland, Energy Storage & Solutions Market Director, Mortenson
  • Molly Brown, EVP of Energy Development, GenPro Energy Solutions
  • Scott Maskin, Co-Founder and CEO, SUNation
  • Moderator: Kelly Pickerel, Editor in Chief, Solar Power World
OPPD's "Pathways To Decarbonization" Workshops
OPPD’s first workshop “Decarbonization Pathways Planning 101” was held virtually via WebEx on Wednesday, April 7. Registration is now available on for the next three workshops, each one from 4 to 6 pm:

  • Workshop #2: Multi-Sectoral Modeling, April 28
  • Workshop #3: Developing Key Assumptions and Scenarios, May 12
  • Workshop #4: Developing Modeling Approach, May 26
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A Proclamation On National Volunteer Week
April 18-24, 2021
By President Joseph R. Biden

We are living in a moment that calls for hope and light and love. Hope for our futures, light to see our way forward, and love for one another. Volunteers provide all three. Service — the act of looking out for one another — is part of who we are as a Nation. Our commitment to service reflects our understanding that we can best meet our challenges when we join together. This week, we recognize the enduring contributions of our Nation’s volunteers and encourage more Americans to join their ranks. Click here to read the entire proclamation.
Featured Solar Example
GRNE Project: 50-kilowatt solar system in Roca, Nebraska.

GRNE Solar installs residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar, battery storage systems and charging stations. In addition to Nebraska, GRNE’s business locations include Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. The company has generated over 15 GWh of power throughout their nine years of solar installation. Recommended reading:

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Q: What is net metering?
A: Our three largest utilities provide information on this frequently-asked question about distributed energy resources. If your electricity is provided by another utility, go to the website and enter “net metering” into the search box. Here are several helpful links:

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