October 2019

October is one of my favorite months of the year! Besides the leaves changing color and being football season, we celebrate one of my favorite holidays -- Halloween. Every year at Amigo, we have a costume contest and I have dressed up as a wide variety of characters including Wednesday from "The Addams Family" to a character from "The Incredibles." My kids love this holiday just as much as I do, this year we are going as characters from the Disney movie "Frozen.”
While getting some ideas for costumes, I came across Target's new line for children. Take a look at what Target added to their holiday line with their new costumes for kids.
This month our feature is based around another company that is helping to make sure everyone has an adventure. Able Eyes is an organization that truly wants to empower people to have freedom and confidence.
As always, if you have a story of your own, email our team ! We always love hearing about how Amigo owners are staying mobile and active throughout the year.
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p.s. In our August feature we did not give proper credit to photographer Stephen Bondio for his photograph of "Grandma Techno." We appreciate his awesome work.
Navigate your life with Able Eyes
Many companies are started when there is a need to find a better way. Meegan Winters was a teacher and assistant principal for 15 years working with people with autism and hearing from families how difficult it was to go out in public not knowing what to expect at different destinations. Then, almost four years ago, she lost her best friend Jessica as a result of a lifelong battle with Muscular Dystrophy inspiring her to start a company called   Able Eyes .

This easy to use and interactive website is designed to help people with both physical and "invisible disabilities" (autism, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, etc.). Visitors will enjoy a novel and unique approach to accessing the community. The website hosts virtual tours of public areas such as restaurants, schools, doctor's offices, rehab centers, shopping centers, etc. It allows people of all abilities to actually see and interact with different public places and check out accessibility options right from the comfort of home which can decrease anxiety and allow people to plan accordingly even before going there.

Able Eyes is a free and valuable resource. Visitors just enter a zip code to access the virtual tours in his/her area of choice. This simple tool can help people feel more comfortable and confident while promoting community involvement, independence and awareness.   

Currently, 26% of the population has a disability and of that 26%, most are " invisible ." At this point there are limited accommodations in place for people with invisible disabilities to access the community. Able Eyes provides a viable option in a unique form of assistance.

A parent recently shared her testimonial on the importance of Able Eyes, "As a parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I understand how critically important Able Eyes is. At home, before we go anywhere, we have to research photos, maps, and layouts online of every new place we are planning to go. There is no choice. Either we prepare ourselves for what we are about to encounter, or we don't go."

To learn more about Able Eyes and to visit their virtual tours, go to www.ableeyes.com. If you would like to request a tour for a location near you, click here .
Accessibility Tips

If your Amigo has a standard seat, you can upgrade to a power seat life (PSL). The Touchtron handle is required to control a PSL, so if you already have that it will be an easy transition. If you have a Hi/Lo handle, you can have a switch installed to control the PSL. Contact the Amigo service team for a recommendation on which parts are needed and to place an order 1-800-248-9131 or  customerservice@myamigo.com .
Inside Amigo
We'd like to introduce you to Store Manager, Phil McPherson from our Mobility Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phil (far right in the photo) is also very involved with the " Out of the Darkness Walk." He is the chairman for the event, organized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The goal of the walk is to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention, offer support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and provide hope for anyone who may be struggling with mental health issues. Thank you Phil for making such a great impact in the Grand Rapids community!
About us

Amigo Mobility was founded in 1968 when Al Thieme (right) invented the first power operated vehicle (POV)/scooter for a member of his family who began to lose mobility due to multiple sclerosis.

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Writer: Lisa Thompson
Jennifer Thieme Kehres and Al Thieme