A Note from CEO, Alison Edwards

This week the Orange County Human Relations Commission released the 2019 Hate Crime Report. It documents an alarming 5 year rise in hate crime in Orange County. But unlike the last 4 reports it comes out in the middle of a national movement for racial equity. 
Hate crime has a unique and devastating effect because it targets whole communities through the violence and terror against one of its members.  
Let’s push back against the fear and rhetoric that would have us believe that so many of our neighbors are really our enemies.  We can be an inclusive county where the people who live here feel safe and good about staying here.

At our non-profit, OC Human Relations, we believe that all people deserve to live free of hate and violence. We have endeavored to bring attention to the impact of hate and hate crime on those targeted, the communities they identify with and our broader county. 

From all of us here at OC Human Relations, I thank you for your commitment to positive human relations in our county. The people of our county need all of you to be champions for a diversity, inclusion and equity. Together we are building a world where we all feel safe, valued and included. 
November 10, 5-6:30pm, Professor Brian Levin, the director and founder of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino and a highly entertaining speaker, will be joining us. We'll be posting details on social media.
We're offering a monthly Social Justice Education Virtual Workshop
for High School Students