Dear Friend,
Let’s get right to it and choose to believe that our glass is half full. We live in a pretty place that is pretty remarkable. We have room to wander without endangering others. We have the access to volumes of information, not that we need it all. Through this all we have our library and staff. The physical building is closed but a lot of the books and materials are still available electronically. Not sure? The staff can walk you through it. Visit the Gilford Library Homepage and check out the tabs such as Online Activities or the Library Blog. There are still three Coffee House Cafe Fridays coming up where you can mingle with friendly faces from the comfort of your computer screen and share an opinion on a book or walk or recipe that was particularly good.   
         Virtual programming may not be in your comfort zone but take comfort in knowing that sometime in the upcoming months the Friends will be gathering, planning and laughing again thanks to you and your support. Take a moment to look at the remodeled kitchen funded by the Friends and constructed by our own Peter and Jane Ellis. Peter made the shelves in the break room and added some slide out shelves in the kitchen cabinets. Jane, with help from Betty Tidd, organized and sorted the kitchen and updated appliances, giving the prep room space for staff and volunteers to put on events such as the Cat in the Hat annual party. It was a great success and was also funded by you, the Friends. Let’s look forward to our Book Sale and Pie and Ice Cream Social. It will be so much easier to manage with our new space. Is it too early to ask for volunteers?
         Stay in, stay balanced, stay healthy. 

Pam Hayes
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