You're Invited!
It’s that time of year again! The Fuller Lodge Art Center will be holding their 38 th annual Fall Arts & Crafts Fair at the Crossroads Bible Church, 97 E. Rd. in Los Alamos! Join us on Saturday, October 20 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm to see the artwork of over 60 local and regional artists. This “Gateway to the Holidays” fair is an excellent opportunity to get your shopping done early!
There will be jewelry!
Native inlaid jewelry using the sand casting technique by Frank and Evelyn Chee.
Jewelry made with unique stones and set in sterling silver, copper, and gold by Akala.
Bold yet minimalistic jewelry made from mixed metals by new-to-us artist Karla Hoover.
There will be fiber art!
There will be a variety of fiber arts from the TDLT Fiber Artisans including wet felting, weaving, and more!
Share Fell will have an assortment of embroidered items including her pocket pillows.
Handwoven apparel, rugs, accessories, and more by Barbara Knupper.
There will be wood!
Furniture, home and kitchen ware by Miguel Licona.
Watercolors, ink, and graphite on wood by Warren Weber.
Turned wood bowls and vessels by Robert W. Jones.
There will be ceramics!
Whimsical and functional ceramic art by Margie Sarrao.
Functional High Fire Stoneware by Sandra Moench.
Functional and colorful ceramics by Jennette Duncan.
There will be so many things!
Painted hides and gourds as well as jewelry made out of leather and antlers by Crystal Carol.
Fused glass items both functional and decorative by Bonnie Bray.
Glass bottle art turned into windchimes, oil lamps, and even fountains by Charles Crispin.
Get your holiday shopping done early and support local artists with your purchases! There will be something for
everybody at this event.
A list of artists SO FAR...

Hilda Aragon
Brooks Bollman
Bonnie Bray
Elizabeth Brosha
Samuel Buelow
Crystal Carol
JoElla Casse
Frank Chee
Evelyn Chee
Erica Collins
Charles Crispin
Neal Crosier
Ophelia Crosier
Jennette Duncan
Share Fell
Doreen Garten
Benjamin Green
Megan Green
Sara Griego

Zandra Hall
Bob Hazeltine
Kathy Hjeresen
Karla Hoover
Corrina Hughes
Annie James
Newt Robinson
Robert W. Jones
Jason Kimmel
Diana Kirkpatrick
Barbara Knupper
Jennifer Lamprey
Kathleen Laroe
Miguel Licona
Marilyn Lisowski
Carol Lutz
Marlene Martinez
Bertha Medina
Sandra Moench
Krysia Napiorkowski

John Newell
Lisa Newell
Gloria Olazabal
Nancy Ondov
Heather Ortega
Alexis Palmaffy
Steffen Plistermann
Murae Reyes
Lori Roberts
Shannon Salo
Margie Sarrao
Melody Sauceda
Gabriela Silva
Susan Suazo-Martinez
TDLT Fiber Artisan Cooperative
Warren Weber
Irene Wiley

And more to be added soon!
We'll see you at the fair!
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