Dear Friend,

We are reaching out today to make a special request in support of Comcáac communities in Sonora, Mexico. Recently, you might have heard about our collaborative project to establish a community-based seagrass and  mangrove restoration project   utilizing Indigenous knowledge to strengthen community resilience and build sustainable livelihoods. 

Through another initiative, we are helping bring energy independence, water security, food security and jobs to the Indigenous community of Desemboque by stabilizing their access to renewable energy and water through  solar panel installation   to connect to their well pump, households, and for food cultivation under the shade of the solar panel structures.

All of this might be for not if we don't step-up to assist these communities, now being hard hit by COVID-19. Through a 20 year relationship with BRN  Senior Fellow, Laurie Monti,  the Comcáac have reached out for external support, including the equipment needed to set-up a COVID-19 response clinic in each of the two villages to prevent the need for leaving the village and potential hospitalization. 

Contributions will be used for the following:

  • Equipment and supplies such as oxygen compressors, breathing masks, tubing, stretchers that can be used as beds.
  • Medications and traditional herbal preparations and supplies. 
  • Personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies (for example, soap, antibacterial gel and bleach) for healthcare workers and their families. 
  • Stipends for village health promoters.​
  • Food for ill patients and their families.
  • Transportation and lodging in Hermosillo for sicker individuals who need to be hospitalized and their support contact.
  • ​Hospitalization costs, to the extent possible.​
  • Printing health promotion materials.

Any contribution you make, big or small, could help us in this rapid response to the quickly evolving situation. While we are an environmental organization, we feel a responsibility to use our resources to help those in need in the borderlands during these uncertain and trying times.

All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to purchasing needed equipment and supplies.

Thank you for the consideration and be well,

Borderlands Restoration Network
Borderlands Restoration Network
Phone:  (520) 216-4148