Join the movement & give back
As you think of loved ones and more this holiday season, we invite you to make a gift to our Aransas County efforts.

We've begun to build momentum in just the last 6 months here in Aransas County and have great hopes moving forward with:

Beautification - Cleanups - Green Spaces
Recycling - Waste Reduction

We will be having a calendaring meeting soon and would love your input and ideas on projects! email us at Just a few things we are kicking around:
  • The beginnings of an Earth day Festival during the Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off in April
  • Ways to engage our Youth more both in school and home schooled
  • Forming a sub-committee to get the Big Blue Crab built
  • Bringing citizen patrolled Turtle Rescue to Aransas County
  • Possible installation of Recycling Bins to our Downtown areas
  • Educating all to move toward less dependence on 1 time use plastics
  • Landscaping our entrance marquees with native plantings

To get things done:

We need your Time -
Volunteering in projects that come up that sound fun and rewarding for you, your family and friends.
We need your Talent -
Joining hands with us with your specific skill set can do great things! Just think with our local governing agencies we also had Avian Biologists, Mid-Coast Texas Master Naturalists, Boat Captains, TPWD officials, and even local Dumpster Recycling Companies... All -
Joining skill sets that literally kicked out over 15 Tons of debris from 2 of our crucial birding areas in just the last few weeks.

We need your Treasure -
Big and small. We are encouraged to see some momentum going in that area. With your 2018 donations, we were finally able to buy a used but nice 15' construction trailer, obtain liability insurance coverage, purchase a shade canopy, etc. And, we are happy to announce that all the parts are in for the City of Rockport to finally restore our Rockport-Fulton Entrance Marquees in the next few weeks.

So, we invite all connected to Aransas County and who

Love Where Your Live and Play

to make a tax-deductible contribution today
361-210-8300 | INFO@KACBTX.ORG